I just woke up!!!!!!

  1. Oh Jesus, Tell the MIL to hurry and get her butt over here with that bag!
  2. I'm sure -- I hear they're very easygoing over there :nogood:
  3. Think if I print out my tracking slip they'll give in?
  4. Maybe if I throw on a sexy La Perla nighty and a trench coat and flash them, MAYBE then will they hand it over
  5. Now you're talking :graucho:
  6. Minnie,... come with me,.. together we form "The Holyboobies Queen Team"
  7. Oh that will help some :smile:
  8. She is such a TEASE, they made a few more last min stops in EUROPE....She is KILLING ME!!!! :crybaby:

    I can't wait to see your ostrich :nuts:!!!
    My next bag is gonna be an ostrich, SO is making me work hard for it.....have to get clients Mortgages or Re-fi!! Its not a free ride :rolleyes:
  9. :graucho: YEH!!!!
  10. are you dressing yourself ? or UNdressing I mean
  11. Okay,.... If I go to sleep my bag should be at the door by the time I wake up! Thats IF I can fall asleep!
  12. couple of cocktails will sure help :smile:
  13. I thought about it. Then I had that dreadful scene pop into my head,... the one from "Love Potion #9" Where the hooker drinks too much of the potion and then has all those men chasing her all over the city. :roflmfao: It's too late for me to be running around the airport with all those men chasing me!
  14. Time to break out the hard liquor...to celebrate...and if you can't sleep...keep drinking...passing out makes the time fly by!:p
  15. Yeah drinking couple drinks is better than running around half naked;)