I just woke up!!!!!!

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  1. :sweatdrop:

    After looking at my collection this morning and doing a double take I have decided "No more Birkins"

    It all started when I was getting dressed and trying to decide which bag to wear! It took me almost 40 minutes to decide on a bag. This is not like me. Actually all my Birkins to go with every outfit I own! Not good, not good at all. What am I doing here! I definately don't need 7 Birkins,...
    That's it I'm done! I'm going to start rethinking Kelly purchases as well. Currently have 4, do I really need 4! and all the other H bags I have,... oh no, no, no,... somethings wrong here!

    God help me!

    Has anyone ever woken up in rare form?
  2. Holy moly, Bagg! I think you need a strong cup of coffee and a deep breath. Maybe do a little yoga to clear your head. Then, revisit the issue a bit later. See if you still feel the same way. If you do, then you really are satisfied for a while. If not, no harm done!
  3. It's okay, sweetie! I don't have this problem yet because I only have 2 H bags and one's at the hospital. :sad:
    You're very fortunate to have the collection you have, but I think it would be a good idea to take a little break and really enjoy the ones you have. You're YOUNG! You have many years of buying ahead of you! Hermes will always be there.
    I think it's GREAT to have a big, varied collection but I don't want you to miss out on the joy of each bag. These are bags to be savored and treasured. :smile:
  4. Coffee in hand,...
  5. We should all have that problem!

    That goes back to my newest thread...are you done with your collection? Are you happy? What do you need?
  6. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: ...... I think you may just be overcome with your new bunch of bags ... dear god woman dont ever say never.....go have a coffee and rethink...(but i kinda know what you mean i am nearly there myself)..
  7. feeling any better? :shrugs: :yes:
  8. This is the conclusion I came up with when I made my decision. I can always buy later IF I change my mind. I just can't make another purchase until I see real use on my bags, literally.
  9. Not any more Birkins! I still don't know what your talking about!!! :p
  10. oh and, I wouldn't sell your Birkins and Kellys! You have two daughters and you know that these bags will last for them, and for your future grandchildren.
  11. Very wise Baggs...you really have a large collection and they really deserve to be used and loved...each and every one. If you don't do that...why keep purchasing?
  12. :shrugs:
  13. I could NEVER sell my Birkin's or my Kelly bags,.. with the exception of the one Kelly, too big.
  14. That's what woke me up!
  15. Yes, I think GT is right: I'm like you, I just want to buy, and buy, and buy....b/c, after all, that's the biggest fun. But when I open my closet and see all those bags and some I haven't used in ages, then I feel really guilty and superficial.....That's why I've decided to podium order the final 2 bags that I want (it's taken me over 6 months to reach a decision about color/leather combos) I've made too many mistakes and impulse buys in the past; I want to try and be more selective, more patient, and only buy the perfect color/leather H/W combos even if I have to wait 1 year or more...and in the meantime, enjoy what I have and sell what I don't use....;)