I just went to see Swan Lake on ice, and there were babies there >>

  1. crying the whole way through, why would anyone take a baby to see that? Disney on ice...well okay I guess, but Swan Lake?! I'm really miffed. :crybaby:Ruined the entire show
  2. What a shame - was it an evening show? Mind you, these days that doesn't make much difference - imagine the fuss if they banned babies!!! Compensation claims everywhere!

    Really sorry it was spoiled for you though.
  3. yeah, 7:30, I absolutely loved the show, just gutted I was distracted by crying babies lol
  4. that's inappropriate ( of the parents, not you!) also, not at all fair to the babies who should have been home in bed! so sorry a special night was ruined for you!
  5. I have 2 children and love ballet and would never think of bringing the kids to one. How inappropriate.
  6. I know how you feel. I went to see a Shakespeare play one time and there was this toddler seated behind me who felt the need to talk to his mother the whole entire time. I was miserable lol.
  7. Why would you want to take your infant/toddler to something like that? You know they aren't going to be able to sit through it. They're going to get cranky, you're going to get cranky & HELLO!!!! there are all the other people around you!!!!!

    It's similar (but your situation is worse) to when parennts take their toddlers out to dinner @ 8:30 @ night. Shouldn't they be bathed, read to & in bed @ that time????
  8. Certain things like Shakespeare or Swan Lake should be enjoyed by children who are old enough.

    Seriously, just spring for the babysitter or go to those Baby Days at the movie theatre.
  9. how irritating! i'd be so annoyed- thank goodness all the plays/musicals i've been to haven't had any kids that were misbehaving.
  10. That is why my husband and I have stopped going to movies. Too many people take small kids to adult-appropriate movies. People are just too cheap to pay for babysitters anymore. Totally rude and inconsiderate.
  11. well, I guess kids are not misbehaving when they cry and talk, that is what they do......

    - they are just in the wrong place. I don't get why parents would do that to their child, and other people. I would never ever take my baby for something like this. it would be so un-nerving for him....

    sorry your evening didn't turn out as great as you hoped.
  12. That really sucks!!! :yucky:
  13. One of the babies was like 2 or something, well looked it anyway, and her dad was trying to get her to be quiet by shouting at her :shocked::wacko:
  14. Geesh. Some people never learn that fighting fire with fire will probably never work in some situations!
  15. How annoying! I'd be miffed when I'd payed all that money for it to be spoilt by crying babies. I love to see parents take their children to things like that when they're OLD enough, but in this case they were too young and it's inappropriate.