I just watched the new Marc/LV DVD

  1. its AMAZING! the work these people go through, and the final outcome... unbelieveable! Seeing how things come together and are created is just unreal! Karen Kooper sent me the promo press version, apparently it is different than the one available.

    If someone wants to know why LV is so expensive, I recommend they watch this video right now, and it will answer a lot of questions!!! plus sooo many designs not shown on the runway but behind the scenes and uhhhhh just WATCH IT!
  2. Wow!! That sounds interesting!
  3. I bid on one, but someone outbid me... maybe it was you! LOL! I can't wait to see it!
  4. noooo i didnt out bid u lol. Karen Kooper sent me it as a bday gift
  5. sounds interesting...do you have any more info on this dvd, cuz ive never heard of it
  6. And why wasn't I invited to your little screening, MATT?? Lol. :lol:
  7. oh yay Karen shipped my bag plus this dvd (as a free gift, i love her!) today. I can't wait to get it! :smile:
  8. There is a site for the DVD, I will have to find it... I think its about $40 usa.

    Did u know that while making the tribute bag, it actually broke the machine? the rest had to be hand sewn! little tid bit of info
  9. Holy cow.. that makes the bag that much more expensive to produce ! :roflmfao:
  10. ^^

    Interesting!!! Please post the website where you can buy the DVD please!
  11. Thanks for the info!
  12. Wow....thanks for the info Mattd !! i hope can find the video at youtube :greengrin:
  13. What machine? I thought all bags were hand sewn. :confused1:
  14. interesting, thank you for sharing the infor, Matt
  15. The machine that helped stitch the pieces together, like the sewing machine... but once it broke, they had to do the rest by hand