I just washed my Perfo Pochette Cles!


Did I destroy my Pochette Cles??

  1. Noooo... You destroyed it!!

  2. Hallelujah!! Better than ever!

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  1. My most used and abused LV item was starting to look worn out and kinda crusty, it's once shockingly-green lining, black, dirty, encrusted in lint and other unmentionables :shame:

    So after remembering that my Alcantara sofa's care instrucions reccomended soap and a damp cloth to clean general dirt, I (literally, a minute ago, with about 2 seconds hesitation) threw any caution to the wind, filled my bathroom sink with warm, very soapy water, THREW it into the water and began scrubbing at the insides with warm soapy water with a spare toothbrush.

    It's looking immediately cleaner and vividly green once again :tup:, as it hangs from an open window being air-dried (after stuffing it with absorbent paper and sitting on it to get any excess water out it :upsidedown:). But, time will tell if it's had any bad effects on it ...


    I'll report back in a few hours once it's fully dried...

    In the meantime, place your bets - is it: A) Ruined or B) Good as new!
  2. BRAVE!! I say Good as New!! 5 bucks!
  3. I am hoping for B, but have a feeling that A will be the result. :sweatdrop:
  4. That took alot of guts...I don't think I'd take anything and submerge it into water like that. Good luck & I hope it works out for you. You should have taken a pic and posted before and after shots...that would have been interesting.
  5. Oh Im curious how it looks now:confused1:. any pics?
  6. Hmm...I hope it comes out cleaner. Does it have a leather lining or all alcantara?
  7. The lining is all Alcantara, and the trim is coated/shiny, so my logic is, that if I washed it quickly, without soaking or submerging it in water for too long, there is less chance of water penetrating the leather.

    I once dunked a Vachetta luggage tag in water, to speed up the darkening process - but aside from darkening, I didn't take shrinkage into account, and the tag no longer closed properly :sad:

    But I figure this time it'll turn out better :rolleyes:

    It's still drying... but one thing I've noticed is that the water has darkened the external piping where it has chipped/scratched so that the lighened damaged areas are no longer noticeable :tup:
  8. *fingers crossed* its going to look good as new!
  9. Wow. You sound like a risk taker. I don't know if I could have done that. Wish you lots of luck!!
  10. the suspense!!!! post pics, if you can
  11. I soo want to see what it looks like! I hope everything turns out for you :tup:
  12. I vote for B.
  13. uh...no kidding eh? DUNKING YOUR VALCHETTA TO SPEED UP THE DARKENING!? wtf that takes balls!! LOL. props to you for trying things out and letting me know what NOT to do. but I'm betting that the cles will turn out fine (option B please!), because I got tequila all over my mirage's alcantra red lining and it was fine! no stains, no marks, no darkening...phew:sweatdrop:
  14. I say it turns out clean and fine, because I once washed my Damier Azur Cles just like you did, with excellent results.
  15. I'll bet it looks much better!!