I just wanted to say...

  1. (*mods, please feel free to remove this if you find it inappropriate :smile:)... that I'm going to miss everyone here soo much!!! :heart: I'm going to Italy for a week with my family (I'm soo excited:happydance:), so I'll "see" you all when I get back!! :smile:

    I'm gonna to be in serious tPF withdrawal for sure (though hopefully a few hours and some chocolate cake can cure that when I get back)! :p Ciao! :heart:
  2. Oh, have a great time in Italy!! Ciao bella!!
  3. that's lovely!! hope you have an awesome vacation in italy!! and don't forgot to check out the designer boutiques there!! fabulous prices and extensive ranges!! we'll hear from u when u get back :tup:
  4. Have a wonderful time Minal! Shop for us!! Which bag(s) are you taking on your trip?
  5. Luccibag - Thank you! :heart: Jen - We're going on a tour - Rome, Florence, etc., so one day I'm going to sneak away haha (my mom too) and go to Prada, etc. :p Roey - Aww, thank you!! :heart: Hmm, well I can't bring a Chanel, because I'm too scared of pick pocketers/bringing an expensive bag with me and such, so I'm just bringing a teal "no worries" isabella fiore hobo. :smile:
  6. Enjoy your trip!!! :tup:
  7. I know what you mean about traveling with expensive bags. I just returned from a week on Cape Cod at my sister's beach house and really missed my bags! I was so happy to be reunited with them upon arriving home; how weird is that?!
  8. Have fun you lucky girl! Take some pics to share with us when you get back.
  9. Have a great time and be safe! "see" you soon!
  10. Have a great time in Italy!!!!:heart: Be careful of those crazy drivers though!!!
  11. have a safe trip, Minal! Can't wait to hear about your trip in italy and see what goodies you've brought back!!
  12. have a terrific time in Italy. It's smart not to take any of your Chanels on the trip so you don't have to worry about pickpockets. Hopefully the hotels you are staying at have internet and you will be able to log on. I do that when I travel. Ciao!
  13. I agree re bringing exspensive bags on a trip-hopefully u will be bringing some home though!!!
  14. make sure what ever bag you bring, it zips closed and or can be worn cross body. i took my LV Tulum GM last year and it was awesome. if you are wearing it across your body and someone is tugging on it to undo it, you will feel it, but if it jsut rests on your shoulder, you may not feel it as quickly. . the way pickpockets get you is to use two people, one disctracts and the other goes for your bag. They for example come at you with a gigantic map and block your view and bug you for directions, or they will come up to you with a newpaper unfolded and trying to ask you something and be really pushy...good luck. leave all but one credit card in the hotel safe and NEVER walk around with your passport, again HOTEL SAFE! Have fun!
  15. OH I am so jealous! You're going to have an incredible time there with your family......take lots of pics and eat lots of food!!