I just wanted to say that I love this forum!!!!!!!!

  1. I love all of you animal lovers!!:love:. Its so nice to share a place and see funny storied as well as to comfort each other with the loss of a loved pet. Cats , dogs , mice, ferrets. all animals are beautiful and share so much of our lives. Just a big hug to those who love animals and give a good life to our babies. :smile:
  2. ITA Don't forget the hedgehog. Animal lovers are great.
  3. This forum rocks!!
  4. Where else can you fine people that love handbags and pets??? This place is the best! I belong to a Greyhound chat board, they have anout 4,000 members. This board has almost 84,000!!! That's a lot of purse addicts. :yes:
  5. ^^^ and the chinchilla's ...

  6. Good point. Purse and animal lovers combined into one - what a great group of people (with good taste)!

    Also, everyone here has been so great helping me through the loss of one of my pets. I can't begin to express the appreciation for all of the kind words provided by the members of this thread. The understanding of what animals mean to so many of us has made me feel much better. :yes:
  7. I totally agree. This is the first thread I visit when I come online. I have cried with some of you, laughed with others..and felt love in my heart when you have responded to my posts about my dog Millie and her cancer issues. I will be forever grateful.
  8. :heart::tpfrox:
  9. I couldn't agree more!
  10. I definitely agree with these sentiments, especially after going through a hideous day yesterday with my poor AmStaf puppy Indi being hit by a car. Everyone's kind posts on my thread really helped me feel better, and it's great too to now share the good news that she's home again!

    This most certainly is a special place. :yes:

    :love: :heart:
  11. It's so fun to share your pet experiences and meet all your furry little friends!!
  12. This is a great forum, so many people are so kind and good to animals in this world, it's heartening to know that!

    We love Irishgal's signature - it puts how we feel perfectly!:yes:
  13. Absolutely!! It's nice to talk handbags, animals, news...everything!
  14. just wanted to say that I love this forum too!! And thank you everyone for sharing your stories. I love reading them!
  15. "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Ghandi