I just wanted to say I am SOOOO tired of our PCE cards being stolen in the mail!!!

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  1. Seriously...the last THREE cards in a row that were sent to me have mysteriously never reached my house!!! :tdown: DH's didn't come last time either, and he was on the list. I know some jack*ss postal worker is probably stealing it, and I don't know what to do about it because if I complain too much, I'm afraid they'll mess up my shipments. I sell on Ebay, and have a lot of packages going out. They have been very good on that score, and I don't want my Ebay shipments suddenly "lost" or damaged too! And, I suppose it also could be whoever carries the mail out from where it's sent off in NY....or somewhere else down the line. Who knows, but I'm at the point I need to complain to someone. I did mention it to my mail lady (lightly) because she gets her own PCE cards, and I figured she would understand. Otherwise, I don't know what to do...my SA mentioned sending it directly from her store in a plain envelope once, but this time she said just come in and she would use one of the ones they have there in the store. So that's what I did, but of course not getting the physical card means I can't go to the store of my choice, KWIM?? I'm so frustrated!! :cursing:
  2. That's too bad... I'm sorry that someone is stealing your PCE cards in the mail. We had problems with our mail a few months ago as well. Some of our mail either went missing or was being delivered to other addresses in the neighborhood. Also, we were receiving other people's mail as well. My father finally had enough of this last month and went to our local post office to file a complaint regarding our mail issue.
  3. I work for the post office , I'm a letter carrier I know when they go out I see them in the mail & hope I get one........ I don't think the letter carrier would risk her job for the PCE card I know I wouldn't ....... I would ask them if there not using it could I have it........ Maybe you are not on the list......If you really think it is her phone the post office they will invest agate she will be fired...........Good luck
  4. I don't think a mail carrier would risk her job for a PCE card, but it is possible it was misdelivered to the wrong address and that person decided to keep it. We regularly get the wrong mail at our house!
  5. I can only imagine your frustration and anger. wish I had an answer for you. Maybe Coach needs to change the envelopes they use so it's less obvious what's in it.
  6. well i know a family friend that works in the PO opens our mail then reseals it, i went and got a P.O. box in a different town that i have all the important stuff sent to. i know its annoying but its ont far from the house, and i dont want to cause any problems like you mentioned but it is getting annoying and once i work up the courage im going to go in the PO with my opened mail and flip on the whole place
  7. I was going to suggest a PO Box and see if that helps. We have one as well as using our home address. We have bills and checks and important stuff mailed to the PO Box.

  8. Oh, I'm definitely on the list. THat's the first thing I always checked, AND last time my SA sent another PCE card in the mail to me to replace the first "lost" one. Guess what?? That replacement didn't arrive either!! Also, I find it funny we don't seem to have a problem receiving mail unless a Coach event comes along either! Now don't get me wrong...I really don't think Coach should plaster their info on the card because that's just asking for trouble IMO. I might not think twice about "lost" mail one time, but three times in a row is just a tad bit suspicious to moi!!

    My theory is that someone (or multiple people) like to grab as many cards as possible and sell them on Ebay. That's the incentive to take them in the first place. It's probably some local postal employee. I definitely don't think it's my regular mail carrier that's doing it (I've given her cards in the past to get her started, and now she gets her own), and I have no idea really who is taking them...it's simply a guess. I just know that my mom one time had an issue with her QVC packages being "lost" all the time, and after she complained to her post office, some of the packages mysteriously "reappeared" on her porch, and there was never a problem after that! But because I fear retaliation if it the thefts are happening locally (since I ship out a lot), I don't really want to formally complain. I've actually complained directly to Coach instead. This time my SA just used a card in her store. It's fine except that if I want to shop elsewhere, I have to find a store that will honor the discount just from the list...they are not easy to find around my area (my normal SA is at a store that's a bit over one hour's drive for me). There's one other store near me that will do that, but the SA that always does that for me is never there when I go anymore.
  9. I'm sure you have, but have you confirmed with your boutique that they have your accurate address, including your zip code?
  10. Can you not send your outgoing parcels from your local post office, then it won't have anything to do with your incoming mail or parcels?.. If it were me I would complain to your local post office very loudly. & tell them what you think is going on ... As I said before I work for the Post office in Canada & we are not allowed to even take 2 for 1 coupons from subway if they are addressed to anyone.......They will investigate this is mail thief ........Good luck with this

  11. Uh yeah...I mean I order/buy VERY frequently, and trust me, they have all my updated info!! I've never had a problem other than sometimes our names are dropped from the system. That's why I confirmed we were on the list to get one, and I had my SA check to make certain cards were supposed to be mailed. I mean she even physically mailed one to me herself.

    There's really no way this is happening other than a REEEEALLLLY gross number of screw ups on the part of the post office.. or foul play. I won't believe otherwise. Turns out DH didn't get one either this time, and apparently he's also on the list. So that makes 0 out of 2 cards that showed up this time!

    So overall, let's make it 4 in a row instead of 3 that haven't been delivered!! :tdown:

  12. I lightly complained to my post lady, because I figured she would understand. I do send parcels both ways, but I figure if it's a very local problem (from my post office), then they probably know whose parcels they are no matter which venue they originate from (house or post office). IDK...I'm going to talk to my post lady once again because it's now 4 in a row, and before she said she would try to watch. I know she said there are 2-way windows, but seriously, thieves are very clever and daring. I'm sure there are easy ways that small envelopes can be pocketed without being noticed. She suggested it might be happening on the way from Coach to the post office, but why mine every time?? That really seems more like a "local" problem IMO. IDK..it's just very frustrating! :sad:
  13. this may be slightly OT but i hadn't received a PCE in almost a year whereas i had been getting them regularly before. when i got this current one i noticed my name was mis-spelled and the street number was off by one digit. i showed it to the SA today at the boutique and she looked up my info and it was correct. in their files..... she had no idea where the card was generated.. strange huh? but i got my trudie sunnies, a heritage stripe make-up case and wristlet - both in berry! i wonder if the neighbor who had the addy on the envelope was keeping them for her own use? i barely know her....
    oh and the envelope had the extra 4 digit zipcode and those were wrong too...
  14. WHATTT???? How is this person still a family friend if you know she is doing this? I don't care if it were my own sister - if I knew she was doing this I would have her a** fired!!!
  15. ^^^Agreed...this person needs to be fired. Talk about a criminal offense.