I just wanted to say hi to my fellow LV addicts

  1. I am excited as I just reserved and should have it in my hands next week the Monogram Leopard Stephen Bag. This is one bag my daughter won't be touching. I love their bags with a passion. The one I'm presently using is the Cabas in Taupe with the matching wallet in Fuchsia. my one fetish is that I have to have the matching wallet. I am pleased to meet you all:smile:
  2. Welcome! Can't wait to see pics of your stephen bag! And, I know exactly what you mean about the matching....
  3. Welcome!!:flowers: :nuts: The Monogram Leopard Stephen bag sounds awesome, post pics when you get it!:drool: TIA:flowers:
  4. Ok I admit it, I also have to have the matching keychain as well:graucho: Thanks for the welcome.
  5. I can't wait, my shopper told me they made a couple of minor changes to the prototype such as the handle clip is no longer being made and the chain on the side is not quite as long. I was like who cares, send me the bag:wlae:
  6. :welcome: Welcome to tPF. Congrats on your new bag too!
  7. Dickies posted a pic of the actual bag a few days ago. His friend was modeling it in the stockroom, it looks pretty much the same, the changes are subtle. Congratulations, let us know how you like/love it.
  8. :yahoo: Congratulations and WELCOME! We are all Addicts! :heart:
  9. Welcome! And congrats on your new bag, post lots of pics when you get it so we can drool at it!
  10. Welcome!!!!!! Cant wait to see pics!!!!:drool:
  11. Welcome to tPF! Seriously LV-corrupted...ain't it grand?

    Congrats and can't wait to see your pix!
  12. Welcome to the board. I just started a couple weeks ago (or was that last week? I don't remember). Anyway, WELCOME!
  13. Welcome, my friend!:flowers:
  14. Welcome...that bag is goergeous I just was looking at that collection on the LV site...it was my favorite LV leopard....hot
  15. Congrats and welcome!!
    I have the Taupe Cabas too..isn't it gorgeous?? :yes: