I just want to vent

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  1. I ordered a coat from Bloomingdale's in February. I requested twice, over the phone, that the item be shipped express. At the end of the call, rep quoted me the express shipping amount and told me that it would arrive on the 16th.

    It did not arrive on the 16th.

    When I called to inquire about it, rep can't find my ORDER by the ORDER number that was e-mailed to me. He had to have the confirmation number that was given to me over the phone. Oddly, they are not the same numbers.

    Eventually on the 17th, got a rep who found my order and told me it was sent regular shipping and hasn't left yet. I asked her to cancel the order, because I needed the coat for an event on the 18th. She said she can't because it's already at the warehouse.

    Jacket arrived on the 26th. I sent it back March 1st. As of today (and I already called several times before today), there is no record of Bloomingdale's actually receiving the package back because the warehouse doesn't update that quickly.

    Two weeks ago when I called, the rep told me she is putting in the request for the refund, and I did get a refund two days later, but it was ONLY for the shipping amount.

    I know it's silly when people say this, but I really don't think I would buy anything through Bloomingdale's again (until there is a brick & mortar in Dallas). This really was the worst shopping experience that I have had, and these companies certainly charge us fast enough when we buy, but why does it take over 6 weeks to give us back our money (the rep today told me to wait 30 business days = 6 weeks).
  2. Bloomingdales is the worst I've ever dealt with as far as refunds. I am still waiting for full refund of two bags I returned in January..and have gotten every excuse in the book. Finally had my credit card company involved and I got my money back...but not from Bloomingdales. Suggest you work thru your card company if you want to see your money again.. And I will never buy from them again. Learned my lesson.
  3. What a nightmare you experienced! Especially b/c it involves your money!

    I've never ordered on-line from Bloomindale's, but I do shop in the White Flint store a lot. Unfortunately, even though I do like the merchandise in the store the general level of customer service is very poor. Not that they are rude or anything like that, but there's so much chaos and confusion.

    There are a lot of closed cash registers, frequently the SA's leave those white security things on so I have to make another trip to the store to get them taken off, the registers aren't stocked properly with bags and the SAs have to hunt some down, etc. It does become very irritating.

    The whole store seems to be in need a major customer service overhaul!
  4. Additionally, what's annoying is how much e-mail and mail I'm getting from them. In a week time, I have gotten 3 catalogs!