I just want to tell you how happy I am!!!

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  1. So I've been asking my mom for several years now if she will take me to London but since she doesn't really like travelling she always said NO.
    Last week all of a sudden she started looking on the internet for trips to London and today, about an hour ago we booked a 7 day trip to London for this summer. I just can't believe it, I'm really going to London, FINALLY. I can't wait till it's july, I'm so super aaaahhhh:yahoo:
    Just wanted to tell you guys that :smile: hahahahaha
  2. Great! There is so much to see in London - a great city - and in July the weather will be fine! You can go to Covent Garden Market Place, sit outside in the sun, have a cup of tea or coffee and watch the artists in the street dancing, singing, playing instruments etc...
    Regina :tup:
  3. oh have fun in London, i love this city, if you need an recs for where to go feel free to ask!
  4. Thank you guys! Any recs would be great ;)
  5. O congrats!!! I've always wanted to go to europe...make sure you do lots of shopping!
  6. didn't covent garden burn down yesterday?! which is a great loss :crybaby:or is that different from camden?

    But london is great, I've been there twice now and def. want to go again!!

    you'll love it! have fun!!
  7. Oh you'll have so much fun! I always enjoyed visiting London. I bet that will be a great time for you and your mom:smile:
  8. o and for recommentations, Harrods (obviously!!) and the st Paul catedral(I believe it's this name, not 100% sure) is beautiful, you can also go to the 'mis' on sundays I believe...
  9. Have a great time!! :smile:
  10. oooh you will have a fabby time, you and your mum will love it.

    oh and covent garden is completely diff to Camden Market, its fine and still standing! :smile:
  11. Have fun!!! I went to London with my mom in high school and loved it but have never gone back..... hopefully, one of these days I'll go with my DH! Ironically, my DH spent 6 months in London for film school. How lucky was he!!!
  12. oh you'll love it! have a wonderful trip!
  13. Have fun and congratulations!! Hope you and mom have a great bonding experience as well as a wonderful time in London. Take a lot of pictures, or maybe not, I tend to act like the lame tourist photographing every rock and street corner on vacation.:lol:
  14. Wear sunscreen! :lol: I went to Wimbledon at the end of June and I got sunburn! I live in California and my use of sunblock is sporadic (I know that's bad, I'm getting better at it) and I've never even gotten a lick of sunburn here and I got to england and get sunburn there! My skin easily tans too, so I was so confuddled :lol:

    But you're going to have a geat time! London is a great place to start discovering Europe :biggrin:

  15. Here's a link about the Camden Market fires http://forum.purseblog.com/up-to-the-minute/camden-markets-on-fire-246863.html

    PINK ROSE, HAVE FUN!! Can I hide in your luggage? I won't eat much!! :p