I just want to share that there is SERIOUSLY something wrong with me...

  1. I MUST have an addictive personality. I have become obsessed lately with "H". Not that I have to have everything "H" or anything like that. I am obsessed with finding a good used "H" bag and then once I find one in a color I am interested in....I obsess about it. Then I don't sleep because I want to NOT pass up the deal. I pass on the deal because the funds are not here at the moment and then I STILL obsess about missing the deal. What the He*l is wrong with me? Why must I obsess in the first place? Especially since I know that I cannot purchase anything at the current time? How am I to fix this?
    Any suggestions?
    I talk myself out of it all the time, but why am I even looking in the first place? I don't need a new bag, is it because I like the hunt? But~ then I can't seal the deal?
    weird I know...:confused1:
    This is why I should be a personal cyber shopper:yes: for Hermes items...That would cure my habit..well maybe:push:
  2. LOL!!! You're just like me! I spend lots of time looking for the perfect H bag. I do find it, and then I talk myself into not buying it for some reason or another and then I spend time obsessing about it! But then I'm horribly anal about purchases - it has to be *exactly* what I want, or I'm not happy.
  3. Merika~ This happened to me last night! I am wanting a Gold or Etoupe bag next. Found one, in excellent condition w/ a Fab price too! No $$$ at this time. I keep telling myself that there will be more when I go to look after saving some cash, but then I think what If I don't find a deal as good as that one was???
    obsessive..this I know, I am glad I am NOT the only one. Thanks for sharing with me:flowers:
  4. Ghost ~ You Are So Silly & So Sweet!!!!!!! Believe Me, I Think 99% Of This Board Has This ~ No One Can Fix It:nogood:
  5. Ghost55, trust me, you are not the only one......I look too, even after I recently acquired 2 box kellys, I was still drooling over a box kelly on eBay in a teeny size, I had to force myself to stay away from eBay until the auction ended....I thought I was nuts!
    Ghost55, looking is fun & looking is free,there will always be bags out there, so I guess we'll keep looking but I will have to block out box kellys in all shapes & sizes!:nuts:
  6. Merika ~ You Spend Money On The Right Things. i.e. You Talking About Two Bags You Were Dying To Have, But Decided On A Down Payment For A House:tup: Two Bags Vs. A House......For Me There's No Choice ~ The House...The Bags Will Come!!!!:yes:;)
  7. Bagluv...Are you sure??? I am going Loony!
    [​IMG]....me yesterday and today about NOT getting the bag:wtf: seriously...still obsessing

    Medusa~ I am going to have to settle just for looking. I hope I can keep this somewhat at bay or I will be Divorced, This I know.. Thank you for your thoughts and comments..I feel a little bit more relieved, but still feel a little crazy too!
  8. ^ you are so right, K.
    And I think that there is power behind positive thinking! It is okay to want things and to obsess, I do that over some stuff...but I try to make myself keep a perspective and take time to go and love on the things I already have so I don't get too carried away...
    And if you believe in something long enough, it will happen! Look at me, I have been obsessed with raisin and knew I could not get some for a very long time (years) and then something magical happened! I need to start thinking positive toward the Lindy and hope that when I go to buy one in a couple of years that the right one will be sitting there!
  9. Ghost55, keep looking, that way when you are ready, you will know exactly what you want...
  10. I find that the best things happen when you can resolve that one day you will get your heart's desire, but know that you cannot at this time, and find a balance between the two!
  11. There IS something wrong with me... I find it really hard to spend money on myself, somehow. I mean I could buy one of those bags and it would not make much of a difference to the down payment, but I'm still hesitating.

    I was explaining my dilemma to my dearest Mr T, and said "I can't really bring myself to spend that money on a bag...is there a word for people like me?" And DS said "A miser?"
  12. I buy bags when I feel especially crappy. My best friend's marriage went south...I bought a bag. And that is flawed, I know. But for the price of a therapist, I could have another bag.:yes:
  13. I've been tempted...but then when I'm feeling crappy I always end up buying bath products. Baths relax me.
  14. I Think Once The Down Payment Is There...You May Feel More Comfortable.

    For Me Nothing Makes Me Happier Than Seeing My Happy ~ I Know You Feel Just Like With Our Sons:yes::heart:
  15. I actually think so too...there's been all this stuff running around in my head about unforeseen repairs, new furniture purchases etc and the uncertainty about how much all those would cost also. So yes, you're perfectly right!! :yes: :yes:

    Thanks, bagluv.:heart: