I just want to say...

  1. I love visiting the Bbag forum. I was wandering in other forums today, and I noticed such a big difference between this forum and others. All of you are so sweet and considerate to one another, whereas other forums seem to be harsh and critical of each other. I just wanted to let all of you know how much I enjoy this particular area of tPF and how impressed I am with the way things are conducted here. Many thanks to you all for making this a pleasant place to visit. :heart:
  2. The kind girls on this forum are the reason why I'm on here everyday...they are great!!!!
  3. It's nice to hear you enjoy spending time here in our neck of the TPF woods. :yes: Spending too much time here can become expensive. Balenciaga bags are extremely addictive!! We're all Bbag obsessed....but a friendly bunch.
  4. Hey thanks that was really sweet of you:smile: ! welcome to the BBag forum, we have alot of really nice cool people here, we all get along well and enjoy posting.....I'm here all the time:shame:
  5. It is a wonderful "escape" for me. I have five kids, ages 7, 4, and 2 1/2 year old triplets (who are btw acting their age right now!!) I like to come here and just relax with the great pics and threads. Love, love, love it!
  6. Yes I love my BBags but i love to come here because of the lovely people in here, friendly, always saying nice things about your bags, etc.. love it:winkiss:
  7. I totally agree with you. I haven't been elsewhere on this forum, much - but I'm so impressed with the B-Bag subforum. I've never seen such a congenial group anywhere on the web, actually.
  8. i totally agree! everyone here is so nice, supportive, and helpful. i love reading about everyone's beautiful new bags and living vicariously through you all since i only have one.
  9. I am sooo happy to read this thread!!!:smile: I am so glad you feel welcomed here~ there are soooo many nice girls that hang out here!!! Have fun!!!!!!!:yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:
  10. Me too. Of all the private messages I sent to BBag members re: their experiences with particular styles and colors have all been replied.

    I thank you for your generosity to share with me your BBag expertise! :smile:
  11. What a lovely post, ambreit!
    The bbag forum is very friendly indeed, I love spending time here!
    although you should be warned, we are major enablers :devil:
  12. this thread just touched my heart! :heart: I truly think of these girls on the bbag thread as my partners in crime...they congratulate me on purchases, enable me for more, help for searches, and put their foot down when they think I should stop before going over board!!! :yes: they are a great bunch and I'm glad you see that too!! welcome to the bbag forum!! :welcome: :dothewave:
  13. I love this subforum too. I can relate to others and vice versa. If I were to talk to my friends about things like this they would think I had lost my mind. I love bbags:love: !!
  14. i totally agree with everyone!
    i think it's so great that the long-time members never treat the newbies like trolls, and welcome everyone warmly. heh. and everyone is always friendly, helpful and so sweet! i also love how everyone gives honest opinions when you ask. yay, b-bag board! :heart:
  15. Yes, the people on the Balenciaga Forum are AWESOME and super sweet and supportive! I spend about 6-8 hours a day on here so that has to say something! WELCOME and :kiss: to everyone here!