I just want to say you girls are SOOOO

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  1. nice!!! I have visited some of the other forums and the Coach girls are so down-to-earth, kind, and not snobby. I know many of you/us are into other bags such as LV, Chanel, etc, but ladies who like Coach too and post here seem to be very kind and avoid the snobby comments that I have seen on other forums.:love:
  2. good ot have u back!
  3. Don't be such a stranger girl!
  4. SORRY you had some bad comments in other forums :tdown: I think they are good and bad every where we go. Just keep your head up and dont worry about it, its not your problem but the ones one have snobby remarks... so sad :sad:
  5. I haven't personally gotten any snobby remarks, but I have seen them made to other posters. I don't have time to be here like I used to, but try to drop in a few times a week. Thanks for being my cyberfriend ladies!!
  6. awww thanks gettingpurseonal!!!
  7. Welcome back, I was wondering where you have been Jen. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I do hope you have a much happier and better year with all the things you deserve coming true!!!
  8. Thanks! :smile:
  9. I agree! You don't will believe this but for some reason when I go to a spanish forum the people is soooo aggressive! You can have a bad day after that. I like they the risk to get angry just for write in a forum! But here is another situation. The people is very nice. One thing that make me very happy is that I don't speak english and nobody complain for that, everybody answer my messages and that is amazing for me. You don't imagine HOW difficult is for me try to express myself in another language! I love this forum and I feel all this girls here like the more real friends in the world! :flowers:
  10. Awww, Marcela, you can write to me in Spanish (or French - I speak both) (but read them better).
  11. LOL very true, The coach forum seems very friendly than the fendi forum.
  12. Nice to hear from you!

    I think that some people's opinions stem from WHY they carry a certain brand as opposed to the bag itself. People who carry a brand because they love the stye or craftsmanship rather than just wanting to carry a bag for the 'look at me, I'm important' reason tend to be much more down to earth.

    Been to the outlet lately? :P