I just want to say I love Tom Ford Sunglasses

  1. I bought Farrah and Ford and am now considering Whitney. I love sunglasses! I considered buying Louis Vuitton, but I feel some of their designs are too flashy!
  2. ooh! do you mind posting some pictures? for some reason, every time i try them on, i feel like they just don't look quite right, but I still really like them and want a pair
  3. yah sure... i'd love to post pictures anything to show it off! lol my cousin had gotten tom ford sunglasses, but returned them because they didn't fit right but they feel perfectly fine on me and i love them both!!! but i think i like farrah a little more ... just a lil bit.


    First two are of Ford, and the others are of Farrah (in green, i forget what the exact name of color is!)

    :wlae: :wlae:
  4. great buy! i love both and love TF sunglasses
  5. i got mine online (style: david) without trying it on...but they don't fit me. :sad:
    guess i'll have to sell it on eBay whenever i get to it.
  6. Tom ford sunglasses are great. They are so classy and I absolutely love them.
  7. I have two pairs of Whitneys and they have been most fav glasses ever (well this year anyway!)
  8. Are Tom Ford sunglasses faked? I've been looking at eBay for some. I don't want to risk buying on there if they are.
  9. absolutely love the first pair you posted a pic off - is that Farrah? anyway, I saw it and thought to get it but just got a pair of OPs so will see...

    would love to get Whitney for my mum - for the drama factor! they are really classy glasses
  10. I first noticed Tom Ford sunnies on Angelina Jolie. They are stunning.