I just want some sort of relief and see what you guys...

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  1. have to say about this. Perhaps I'm just being impatient? Lol...

    Ok, so I bought an item last Tuesday. The seller(very reputable seller) told me he shipped it on Thursday... It was shipped USPS Priority...
    My shipping address was to my work. (confirmed)
    Attn: Job Title / My Name
    Full Address"

    I thought I would have received it by today, but I didn't. I just checked the paypal order details and it said
    "My name
    Attn: Job Title / My Name
    Same Full Address"
    Different from the name that I stated in my receipt.
    But, the address was the same.

    Will I still be receiving it, even though the top name is different, with the same address?'

    I'm just getting worried
  2. Hrm.. So it doesn't matter if my name is different? As long as the address is the same *even though it's a work place* it'll still make it to me?
    Also, I've told my coworkers that work with mail, that i should be expecting mail too.
  3. It won't make any difference is the top name is different. I would just remember the larger number of parcels being circulated around Christmas. You have a tracking number, no?
  4. It really depends on the mail carrier, to be honest. Will he or she know that you work at "Your Company", and deliver it to the correct floor or office?
  5. I wouldn't worry too much. If you receive your regular mail at work, you should receive your item. Now is the craziest shipping time of the year. USPS Priority doesn't guarantee it will be delivered within 3 - 4 days. I experienced Priority Mail was delivered a week later.
  6. No tracking, the seller didn't provide, but I did buy insurance. He's helping me with the problem and going to try to ask USPS to track it.

    And the person who handles mail at my company knows I should be expecting mail. She is the one who knows which floor/office thingy.

    Still haven't received it. Just hoping I'll get it eventually, and that it's just slow because of holidays.
  7. I still didn't get it yet :confused1::crybaby:

    Whats the longest you had to wait for a package sent USPS Priority?
  8. At this time of year??? 10 days.
  9. yeah i would give it the full 2 weeks...
  10. Whew. Okkk. I'll just keep waiting. :]] Thanks.
  11. I sent out a package from Puerto Rico to Texas on Monday and it was received on Wednesday. It only took two days. Maybe your package is already there but someone misplaced it. I hope it's not lost. The good thing is that you purchased insurance for it. Keep us posted.
  12. Only one person deal with the mail at my company. I've already gotten a package that I ordered a couple days ago. She still hasn't seen anything with this package =[ I'm just gonna wait till tomorrow, and see what's up. The seller says he is still trying to get a response from USPS about tracking it.

    Hopefully, I'll get it tomorrow or soon at least.
  13. I received Priority Mail package that was sent in TX to me in another city in TX and it took 4 days. USPS is notoriously slow this time of year. Some are lucky, most wait longer than normal for things to arrive.