i just want my shoes!

  1. I am so frustrated and i wanted some advice (which i'm sure i know what it will be but i'll ask anyway because i have to vent)... last weekend i bought 2 pairs of shoes at BG. the SA who was very sweet told me about the second cut sale on thursday and said he would hold off charging me until then so i got the additional discount and then would send them to me. i asked if i could pick them up (i live like 10 min from BG) and he said it was easier to ship them.

    so yesterday i checked and my card was charged at like 9 am. i keep checking my messages and no shoes. today- no shoes. i call the store and someone finally calls me back and says that i should get them in 7-10 days as they were sent to NJ for processing which takes around 4 days and then they ship them. and there is no tracking for them at all. she said i totally could have picked them up if i wanted too.

    i am so ticked off. i know the sa was being nice holding on to them for me and he didn't charge me for shipping but now i have to wait like 2 weeks for shoes i could have had and should have had yesterday. they sure charged me fast enough. i don't know if i should complain and if so to whom- do i call my SA? do i call the manager of the shoe dept? and why isn't there tracking on a shipment that are valued at like 2k?

    sorry i'm just so :cursing: :shrugs::s:tdown: about it. i really wanted to wear my new boots this weekend. any advice would be appreciated though i'm sure most is going to be 'suck it up, you'll get it when you get it' which is what i'm going to do. simpering the whole way. lol.
  2. what a bummer! i totally know how you feel...for some reason, bg shoe deliveries from their store always take longer...now Saks, they're like, 2-3 days tops!

    if i were you, i would have just picked them up, since you live close by. it also might not be a bad idea to request signature confirmation or tracking # next time. every store's shipping policy is different.

    just think of it as a learning experience...you did get a sweet sa who helped you save some money and didnt charge you shipping. in the meantime, i'd recommend doing some online shopping to get your mind off. Shopbop has some great deals! :smile:
  3. thanks rand!

    here i was just being bratty because they came today! whoohoo! i'm going to post pics to see what people think. not sure about the boots. maybe because my feet hurt from the shoes i was wearing today.

    i'm a little confused though because the chanel flats say 565 or 575 on the bottom but the box said 415. i got an additional 40% off which made them 235 but was the original price wrong? i need to figure out the math....
  4. Maybe the SA was new, or made a mistake? I wouldn't complain or get him in trouble since he was sweet to you, just insist on picking them up next time :smile:
  5. oh i would never get him in trouble. i just would have asked why i couldn't pick them up. he was very nice to me. i wouldn't want to hurt him. he also charged me for shipping which he said he wouldn't do but i'm not going to say anything about it. i got a good deal and i'm grateful for it.

    does anyone know, btw, if manolo boots come with dustbags? if they do i didn't get them and wanted to ask for them...
  6. glad to hear they came earlier than expected! fyi, i got manolo boots from Barneys, and they didn't come with dustbag...
  7. I'm glad the shoes arrived! I get cranky when I have to wait for purchases to arrive, too :p

    Pictures, please! :drool: What Chanel flats did you get?
  8. oh good rand. i'm glad to know that. thank you!

    christina- i posted a pic on the chanel shoes thread in their ref area. i
    m not home now but i'll post it here later when i get home. they're black quilted leather with a natural wood heel. so cute!
  9. H, I got some Manolos from neiman's-- no dustbag. I want to see these pics!
  10. Glad everything worked out just fine. would like to see pictures of the chanel flats too
  11. I totally know how you feel!!
    I hate waiting for shoes! I get soo anxious.
    As for the shipping, now you know to go get them regardless of what the SA says. Tell them its just easier for you that way.

    Same here. Im returning mine either way, but it just ticks me off. I got a pair of CL's on sale from Saks and I didnt get a dustbag either.
  12. usually BG is great and they give you peds and everything. i totally forgot to ask. here are the chanel shoe pics:
    IMG_6837.JPG IMG_6838.JPG
  13. they're really simple but i live in my chanel flats. they are so super comfy. and i love the quilting. i just got 2 pairs of the quilted heels which i haven't even worn yet- beige with a black tip and black and black. is it silly to have the same shoes in different colors? half of me feels like i should exchange one for something else...
  14. Absolutely not!!!!:p Especially if you know you will wear and love them- I speak from experience....

    About 4 years ago I bought a pair of fuchsia suede pumps... At the time, I had the same shoe in black in my hand but I hesitated in buying thinking that two of the same shoe was a bit much- oh how I've regretted that decision ever since.... :crybaby:especially since this pump has been my go-to shoe , is super comfy and is still in great condition after everything I put it through!
  15. i know i will.... i just have a limited amount of good shoes (chanel and manolo and working on some loubous) and was thinking since i only have 3 pairs (only, sheesh, get a load of me. jeez) that i should not have 2 that are the same, you know? plus i keep thinking i should get more "showstopper" type shoes rather than just basics. i love these 2 pairs but i think they're pretty basic. but then, who doesn't need shoes you can dress up or down. jeez, i'm sorry i'm going on and on... eek.