I just want 1 gucci bag.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am pretty new to this forum. I joined a time back but never really did anything here. My addiction has been really expensive jeans. It was from a jean forum that I heard of this forum.

    I'm feel rather silly that I wear all these expensive jeans and not a single really nice purse. So, I'm on a search for one nice gucci bag. The problem is I'm a teacher! So, I can't just buy anything. I was hoping I can get a nice authentic bag here but all the sales are "private". I did submit an application a time back but I haven't heard anything. Does anyone know how long it takes and do people get rejected?

    I know eBay has gucci bags but honestly I can't tell a fake from a real for the life of me! So, I'm really scared to buy on there! For now, I suppose I will just post pics on this forum for authentication.

    What do you gals suggest is a good first Gucci purse that is affordable? I need something big enough to hold all my items .. like a tote or so. Maybe after a while, I'll start my addiction to purse as I have with my jeans!

    = )
  2. Don't buy from eBay if you aren't 100% sure of something whatsoever.. NOT worth it. If you didn't hear back from the application within 3 weeks I believe they say you weren't accepted. Don't feel bad, I put in an application a month ago and never heard anything. I may not have been here long enough.

    There are several REALLY cute affordable Gucci bags. I personally would just save my money and get it from a Gucci boutique or Gucci.com. Check out the Abbey tote; it's adorable, classic, and practical $-wise.

    PS: I am a teacher too, so I understand those woes. hehe.
  3. thanks for the reply. I heard of the gucci outlet and was thinking of trying to see if i would be near one sometime this summer. Is it much cheaper there or not really worth going out of the way for?

    what about edesignershop? i heard they were real?
  4. Welcome to the forum! I'm not very familiar with Gucci but larger Gucci bags tend to be on the expensive side so you'll probably have to save up your money and try not to get distracted by making small purchases like I do (i.e. buy fewer pairs of jeans). Although many people on this forum have bought a lot of great stuff on eBay I wouldn't recommend it. It seems like a BIG hassle to make returns if you get a fake and some people have complained about the lack of protection from Ebay and Paypal. Better safe than sorry until you're better at spotting the fakes...
  5. Welcome

    If I were you I would only buy directly from Gucci or a dept. store like Neiman Marcus or Saks. It is not worth saving a few dollars. There are just to many fakes out there. Or you can wait a few months Gucci stores and Gucci.com have sales 2 times a year. I believe it should be the last week of May or the beginning of June. Just keep checking here and you will see lots of posts about it.

    There are 3 outlets in the US you can always try calling them and asking what they have.

    Just a warning once you buy one you will be like the rest of us totally addicted.
  6. I went to the outlet yesterday and they really didn't have ANYTHING cute at all, and def not what you are looking for.

    This one would prob fit all your stuff and it's relatively cheap at $650:

    or this one at $695:
  7. If you like mono then the medium brit hobo is an affordable selection . it is 550 and really cute.
  8. I was also looking for a tote as an every day bag and I've been wanting to get a Gucci 'abbey'..... finally, I found it at the Holt Renfrew (just this weekend) and it was absolutely too perfect IRL! I got the medium-size shoulder bag which is great for every day. So this is what I would suggest if you're looking for a tote: (let me know if you'd like me to take real pics)

  9. You can get some great deals when gucci has its sale in Junel.
  10. I have this bag in the medium and I looove it. I also have the abbey large tote in denim and love that too. They are both real roomy.
  11. ^^ I absolutely love this bag! I've been using it every day since I bought it. I even like it more than my LV batignolles!!
  12. i just got this from saks - the medium abbey zip tote (620) but with the cruise silver leather, it's great! i get complements all the time on this one.

  13. just 1 bag ??? are you sure??? :rolleyes: hope you won't get addicted like us....

    welcome to the forum!!!
  14. Have you tried buying a Gucci bag when they are on sale at Neimans or Saks?