I just wanna wine for a minute

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  1. This has been the worst winter of my life in Dec I lost my wonderful father to cancer he passed away on Dec 23 I arrived home on Christmas day and promptly got the flu along with everyone else (by the way I came home and two of my children had moved back in bringing alone a cat and a dog bringing our household count to 4 cats and 3 dogs 2 children and 4 adults and I use the word adult lightly here ) then a few of weeks later my granddaughter and I got bronchitis with a soupcon of pneumonia from which I’m just now recovering ( had to cancel our romantic weekend valentine day getaway.) in the mean while I had jury duty which I’m still wondering if I did a good job considering that was the first day of my bronchitis/pneumonia bout . I broke my little toe getting up at night to check my granddaughter (my handbag fell off of the dresser and I caught my foot in the strap) then last weekend I had a bad roast beef sandwich and got food poisoning. Then to top everything off on her first day back to school after all the sickness my granddaughter got sent home within the hour with Pink Eye six times a day I have to smear a cream inside of her eyes, have you ever put cream inside a five years eye? It’s not for the faint of heart. Right this minute my eyes are itchy and watering hope it’s just psychosomatic! I think I deserve a new hand bag maybe that Tods I been ogling or a LV speedy. :sad2:
  2. yeap you definately deserve a new bag!!! I had ****ty 4 years almost 5 and therefor I deserve all those beautiful bags out there. I think **** happenes always at once but down to that theory you had your fair share and the good things are waiting just around the corner. At least I hope it! Wining and a bit of self pity sometimes help! Take care!!!
  3. That is terrible!! You deserve a THOUSAND bags! Take care of yourself dear and have a wonderful year
  4. Wow, your winter has certainly been trying, to say the least. You do deserve something that will bring a little smile to your face. :smile:
  5. awww cheer up...sorry to hear about your Dad. But you sound like a very positive person who keeps going. I like that!

    Hang in there!

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  6. Winter is almost over...treat yourself...get a mani and pedi and then go shopping!!
  7. Cheer up...I'm sure things will turn around for you soon! And yes, you should definitely treat yourself to something lovely - whether a bag or a day at the spa for so much needed pampering!
  8. Sorry about what happened, and sorry about your Dad. It's never easy losing a family member, let alone parents.

    Yes definitely plan on getting a new bag - something exciting to look forward to!
  9. How horrible! I find that when it rains it pours at my house. My husband just had sciatica that sent him to the hospital and my children wigged out, now my son is sick and I fell down the stairs and am all black and blue. Our family vacation in April will be hell b/c we are going to visit my insane in-laws in Arizona and my inconsiderate, pain in the ass brother-in-law in San Francisco. I would rather have a colonoscopy then deal w/ their BS.

    Anyway, none of it even compares to what you have had to endure and my thoughts are w/ you.

  10. I feel you pain, maybe we should get together and sit in a corner stick our thumbs in ours mouths and rock. :blink: Take care of you self.

    Thanks everyone for letting me cry on your shoulders, I feel better.
  11. wow...and i thought i have a ****ty new year! i'm sorry to hear what happened, i hope you feel better soon!
  12. I'm sorry for the loss of your father and all the other horrible luck you've had. I agree with the others you deserve a nice shopping day!
  13. Obviously I can’t spell your or yourself at all.
  14. Oh Dear !!! Im so sorry to hear about all these challenges in your life.
    stay strong and positive do not give up. (cos you have to get that bag right ? )

    Take care,
  15. I'm sorry you had such a rough winter..i hope everything works out for the best :smile: