I just walked by the Coach Store on Michigan Ave and peeked in the window!!!!

  1. I could see the new floor set!!!! So exciting!!! All the new Madeline Totes were at the front of the store! I have no idea what time they open but Nordstoms across the street opens early so I plan to be there when they open!!!
  2. Oh, please tell me if you see the geranium color! I want to know if it's at all like the pics show. The stock photo is a bit more orange-ish than the catalog photos taken with the models. I'm dying to know what that color looks like IRL!
  3. You know you're addicted to coach when....
    you walk by on Christmas Day to get a sneak peek at the new floorset. LOL--I love it! I am also planning on going tomorrow. I may end up walking out with a green madeline, we'll see. Merry Christmas to you!