I just ventured into uncharted waters


Flaunt your Fringe
Dec 7, 2005
Since my Cabas Piano is going bye bye tomorrow, I needed a temporary bag until I buy my new Louis. I wanted a cute spring/summer bag, something that would look fab with my new LV Vernis framboise wallet. I bought........a Kathy Van Zeeland hobo in a fun summer print. The fabric is a satin type nylon. I can't believe I, me out of all people, stepped away from the boutiques and the designer bag counters. I was ever so excited to pay $94 for a bag. I feel like I got a deal even though I paid full retail. I can't wait to carry it. :lol: It looks just like the picture below except the colors are softer. I'll get pictures soon.

i've never been a kathy van zeeland fan but that bag is changing my mind! i'm not crazy about that rhinestone floppy leather thing she did last summer/fall (that about six girls at my work bought. yuck.) but i would actually consider buying that one. very nice. :smile:
Well I love the bag. Today was my first day to carry it. The dangling chains might have to go, though. I sound like a walking christmas tree with tons of jingling hardware.