I just used up my LV Lockit fund!

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  1. I was almost there, and saw that the Gryson Olivia was on sale at rarechic, and I couldn't resist. I bought it in the black leather and with the coupon code, it was only $472 including shipping!!

    I first saw it in person a few weeks ago and it's such an unusual shape that you can change so much depending on how you carry it, and I just LOVE it.

    So my ladylike work bag will once again have to wait!
  2. wow congratulations :smile:
  3. There will always be more bags than we have $ for....sigh! But the Olivia is a great bag and better to get that when it's on sale, especially since LV never goes on sale. The Lockit will be there for you when you replenish your funds...
  4. You deserve it :tup:
  5. No worries I just did the same thing. I was on my way to saving for an LV and then a Hype bag caught my eye as well as a Coach wallet and there it went!

    No worries, I am just going to start saving again!! Good Luck and congrats on your new find...post pics when she arrives!!
  6. as long as its a bag you're going to enjoy using thats great! congrat's and have fun using it. The lockit isnt going anywhere and you'll be able to save again.