I just used body hair bleach on my hair...


Feb 26, 2006
I know the topic must sound really stupid but it wasn't a total disaster...

So, I have dark blond waist length hair that's healthy, except the last 7 cms is a bit dry, but not overly so, and when I take good care of it, not noticable.

I always go to the hair dresser each 3 months for a balayage (a sort of highlights). However last time I wasn't really content and thought the roots should have been a bit more blond compared to the rest of my hair.

So, I was frustrated and decided to use Adina body hair bleach on my head. I used it on a few strands around my face, let it sit for a good 15 minutes and washed it out.

When I looked in the mirror, my first reaction was: 'oh no, there's a slightly orange halo around my face:cry:'. However this was in the very bright light of my bathroom. In normal light it was much less.

Anyway, I quickly put on lots of 'perfect platinum' from Redken (a purple conditioner, the replacement of 'pure pearl'), let it sit for a good 15 minutes, then rinced, looked in the mirror of my bathroom, it seemed a little better, then I decided to dry my hair. Luckely the color was much better when dry, no orange at all, just 'medium golden blonde'.

I also don't feel a difference in the hair I put the bleach on, it's still as soft as before. I just read that body hair bleach is less agressive than regular hair bleach.

So now, I kinda wonder how come not more people use this method. I don't think the initial (barely visible) orange hue was from the product as I did use very little, and you can always do it a second time.
Aug 28, 2009
balayage highlights intentionally leave the root darker. if you want more even highlights, ask for foils next time.

the reason your hair was 'not that' orange was because you're already naturally fairly blonde and because you only did a tiny bit of hair, rather than attempting to create your own highlights. if you'd had darker hair or covered a larger surface area, the brassy effect would have been even more pronounced.


Dec 27, 2005
I am sure there is a reason body hair bleach is not meant to be used on hair on your head. I hope you don't get breakage down the road. With so many highlight bleaches out there I would not mess around and hope a product meant for something else works. If the color is orange or brassy that means you will have to continue to use the violet contioner which make make the rest of your hair look a bit greyish.