I just tried Shining Monkey!

  1. Wow! After reading all the posts about this I took the plunge and got a can of this off Amazon.com.

    My Mom always taught me to test something on an area where it won't show, just in case :yes: . SO...I chose an oft-talked about area...invisible yet somehow vulnerable...the bottom of the Cabas Piano!

    And y'know what? It turned out great! I sprayed the vachetta and I initially freaked :wtf: when it turned darker from the spray but it dried almost immediately back to its original light color! And there is no stickiness.

    Now, I can't say how much this will slow down the patina process, and I know I'm contradicting my earlier posts about wanting to just enjoy the natural process, but I hafta admit I was super curious! :shame:

    I guess as with anything "your mileage may vary" but for me is a hit! :wlae:
  2. shining monkey is for car use.
  3. ^^ Yep, I just might try it on my car leather too!
  4. Why not, Let us know how does it work on your car!

  5. Shining Monkey works on all fabrics and leathers and suede. It works awesome too!! I used it on my Lockit handles and all vachetta, and I've already been caught in the rain and it got rained on and the spots went away!! (of course, I didn't get it wet on purpose). So, I've had mine for about 2 months now and not one ounce of patina yet. Still looks naked!!
  6. Mine is still sitting on my desk.. *sigh* wondering if it's a waste of $15!! I'm still working up the nerve to spray my Panda Cles!
  7. i used it on my MC speedy, cerieses speedy and manhattan PM. i did light coating 3 times each (waited about 15-20min in between) and dried well over night...... used manhattan PM (which was brand new) the next day, and both of my arms totally broke out!! they were red and itchy......

    my DH told me that i should write or call LV that handles made my skin to break out really bad ----- i told him it wasn't LV and it was SM.

    so i used my cerieses speedy about a week later...... same thing, broke out only my right arm where i held the bag..... tried on my left arm the next day, same thing, broke out pretty bad and it was nasty...:yucky:

    i've been using my MC speedy this week, same thing --- it's about day 5 since i've been carrying it around *about a month since applying SM* and i think my arms are finally getting use to it, not as bad.

    i don't think i have sensitive skin....i don't have any allergy....wiered :s,,,,, i gave the can of SM to my DH, he's excited to use it on his new car! :sweatdrop: :lol: :heart:
  8. Well, they do use some pretty harsh chemicals in stuff like that so it doesn't surprise me to hear of someone having a reaction...sorry to hear that though....
  9. Eewww! Sorry to hear about your arms. I guess this product is out for me, because I do have somewhat sensitive skin. It would probably aggravate my eczema or something knowing my luck.
  10. Like I said previously I don't use the same product to wash my face and clean my dishes.

    With all of the harsh chemicals, one never knows what that can do to the vachetta in the long run.
  11. sophia618 I'm so sorry for the bad reaction you had on your arms cause of Shining Monkey :sad: I tried to warn you guys many times before, this product is obviously DANGEROUS to use :ninja:. I couldn't imagine if you touched your baby face with your hands after having carry your bag.

    Shining Monkey is for car only now we have the confirmation!
  12. Oh no Sophia, that's terrible !

    I guess this means it's time to break out scarves to wrap around the handles ?
  13. MiroirPrincess, but wouldn't it do the same thing to your skin if you have an allergy to shining monkey (not saying you specifically, just anyone in general)?

    For example... if you're wearing a tank top, and you're sitting in your car on leather seats that you coated with SM. it's still touching your skin!

    i don't think that proves that it's bad for the vachetta... it still is leather. and isn't shining monkey supposed to protect leather?
  14. ^^ Yes, that's the goal of the product. Plus many people don't have an allergy, it's unfortunate that Sophia apparently does.

    And there's a lot of products that people use for Louis Vuitton that aren't strictly meant for them. I mean, even Vuitton suggests saddle soap, and that's technically for saddles. There's also the much documented use of baby wipes, which is really for baby butts right ? :graucho:
  15. Oh brother, this again. I realize that some people have a real issue with SM, but others of us have used it with great results. To each their own.

    For what it is worth, I have very sensitive skin, neutrogena gives me an allergic reaction. Yet I sprayed my baggy PM with SM and have had no problems.:shrugs: