I just took a picture of my LV collection (don't laugh) and wanted to share

  1. It is small but growing since Feb 2006! As you know, you all are bad nfluences!!!
  2. Cute Collection!
  3. Why would anyone laugh? Its a great collection :yes:
  4. Your collection is nothing to laugh about! It may be small, but everyone has to start somewhere! I think you have a well rounded collection!! Is that a fuchsia reade? I have the same bag and I love it!

    Very nice collection!
  5. :lol: J/K....Very nice collection you got there! Thanks for sharing:flowers:
  6. It's a great collection!!!!!!!!!! I have one of yours (speedy mono) and want that damier and wapity!
  7. Yeah, it a fuschia reade pm and it just came today. It is beautiful!!
  8. Virgo.. we prob joined around the same time and I have just as many as you. tPF is bad for the wallet! :rolleyes:
  9. You have a great collection! Do not be discouraged because some ladies have a zillion bags. It's not the size of your collection that matters, what matters is that you love your pieces and enjoy them!
  10. :smile: nice collection:yes: love the damier speedy:love:
  11. :love: They are all well chozen.
  12. Virgo, you have a great collection!! I love your bags and especially that Reade!!!!
  13. Love the fuschia reede, very cute collection !
  14. Awesome collection!
  15. GORGEOUS collection!!!:love: