I just talked a coworker out of buying a fake!!

  1. Aren't you proud of me? I was showing off my new-to-me Damier Parioli (thanks to a fabulous tPFer!) and she asked me if it was real. I said "oh yes, I don't do fakes" and she asked if I knew where she could get a fake around here! I said, "Please, don't buy a fake! Take the money and buy something nice in your price range! Carrying fakes is so..." here I stopped, at a loss for words, then changed the subject, "Nine West has really cute bags, and so does Guess" Then another coworker chimed in about TJMaxx, and I mentioned the outlets in Williamsburg, and the upshot is--no fakes for my coworker! :yahoo: She got it, KWIM?
  2. Well done!
  3. YAY! Good job!:yahoo:
  4. Woo Hoo :yahoo:
  5. LOL! That was very brave of you! I have a close friend that buys fake from China too! And seriously, I can't talk her off because I might offend her..
  6. Well done - removes one of the list then!!!

    So many more millions of people to go!
  7. You deserve a pat on the back....!

  8. clap clap clap!

    A job well done!
  9. :woohoo:
  10. :woohoo: Good job, well done!
  11. Hooray!
  12. Yay! :dothewave:

    It's up to us to change the world, one handbag at a time.
  13. here, here!
  14. Good for you! I think you handled it very well. If that happens to me, I would suggest alternate mid-range brands and end with a note about the possible anti-humanitarian origins of fake bags.
  15. That's great Madamfifi! Isn't it weird how much courage it requires, though? I've heard girls talking about "purse parties" and I always politely ask, "is it authentic merchandise?" and get the obligatory, "duh, no...they're good knock-offs, though," at which point I try to delicately explain that counterfeits are illegal, and ugly and support child labor, and....that's usually the point at which they change the subject. :s But if it steers someone off the path, then so be it!