I just take a plunge today!! The First Grey

  1. As some of you might notice, I'm looking to get Black First on ebay and ask for authentication. I'm debating if I should get Black or other colors. Then I called NM today and they have First in Grey, Emerald Green and Rouille. I went there and fall in love with grey! :heart:

    I decide to buy it first and think about it later. :roflmfao: Just got home, show it to my hubby and he loves it.... Just took the pictures and here they are...

    Quick question though, I'm still debating if I should get used Black First if I can get it a few hundred dollars cheaper or the new Grey First. I'm torn because I don't want to pay retail or spend too much. However, I also notice that if you buy special color, it can become a collection item and if you want to sell it in the future, you might be able to sell it at the good price. However, for black color, seem like you can get it anytime and value is less than other colors.

    What do you guys think? I'm so new to this. I just want to make some logical sense and not just emotional one. :cry:

    If you don't mind, would love to hear your opinions! :smile:
    IMG_0601.JPG IMG_0602.JPG
  2. love it! you should def keep the gray! This color looks like it would go with so many outfits. And I agree with you on how easy it is to find black purses. Come to think of it, I haven't purchased a black purse in years. congrats!
  3. luvpurse, the color and leather is so beautiful. it's a keeper! there's nothing like owning the bbag brand new, if you can.
  4. That bag is gorgeous, congrats! :love:
  5. my first bbag was grey and i love it. i have a black but think the grey is even better! congrats!
  6. i love grey bbags! such a pretty color... neutral but with a kick
  7. the first in gray is like a parisian winter sky, magical and chic.
  8. I just love the grey and black is easy to get and doesn't have a good re-sale value but I think it's just lately that the prices are so high for the rare colours from 04. Normally you don't get the price you paid for it back but still 2/3 which is pretty good. The highest re-sale value have LV bags
  9. fainting smiley! :heart: :P
  10. I think you should keep the grey.. I love my grey first too...
  11. gorgeous! a keeper!
  12. Love the grey.
  13. the grey looks so pretty..
  14. absolutely gorgeous - congrats...
  15. luvpurse - totally loving your new grey first! i reckon you should totally keep it!!!