I Just Stepped Into Chanel..So Excited!!!

  1. I have known for sometime that I wanted to add to my teeny tiny collection of Chanel(if you can even call it that:lol:) but which one to choose???

    I do not know alot about Chanel and have been trying to educate myself the past couple of weeks since visiting the Orlando boutique. The information and pictures provided by you savvy ladies on this forum has been invaluable to my first "big" Chanel purchase. Thank you:flowers:

    Well, I finally made a decision and yesterday she arrived:yahoo:





    Thanks for letting me share my excitement.

    My 255 Black Metallic Reissue joins my only other Chanel, my Tweed Flap.

    Chanel 1.jpg chanel 2.jpg Chanel 3.jpg Chanel Metallic.jpg chanel tweed.jpg
  2. so beautiful!!!!
  3. Very nice, you have great taste!
  4. Congratulations - those are both just GORGEOUS bags! And you are so lucky to get a reissue, they are flying out of the boutiques.
  5. I've Got The Same Bag!! We Are Chanel Sisters!!

    Btw What Size Is It??? 226 Or 227
  6. Great bag. Love it. :tup::tup:
  7. Thanks ladies!!! I have a big ole smile on my face right now looking at my new bag:smile:
  8. Tweed flap!!!! :drool:
  9. Yeah! Congrats to you:drinkup:

    Not sure about the size. I still know so little about what the numbers mean. It was $2850.00 before tax. I would love to know the size for future reference:graucho: I think I am hooked!
  10. $2850 should be the 227.

  11. GORGEOUS!!! cOngrats on your new additions~!
  12. congrats!
  13. congratulations! ~ your reissue is gorgeous! ~ & those black satin shoes are TDF :heart:
  14. oops! :shame:
  15. Great choice!!! Sooo classic and beautiful!