I JUST started selling on eBay and sold TWO handbags right away!

  1. I sold a Dooney and a Lucky Brand purse and have watchers on an Ugg and another Dooney. The first two buyers paid immediately.

    I only have a few more handbags to sell but jeez.....I see that if you have the right handbags you could really have a little business going.

    Ran across a seller named "PinchRosemary" and ladies, it appears she has a huge variety of authentic bags. Just thought I'd pass that along.
  2. Congrats on selling your bags! :biggrin:

    PinchRosemary has a lot of accusations of SNAD, condition far worse than described and even a few fake accusations.

    99.4% is not a good feedback percentage for a seller with a fairly high number of sales, like her (the more feedbacks, the higher the feedback percentage should be). The lower your total number of feedbacks, the more a negative will lower your percentage and vice versa.

    Powersellers with 10s of thousands of feedbacks can be really bad sellers with feedback scores of 99.8%, or even higher.

    Here's her negs and neutrals:

  3. Congrats and welcome to the eBay selling world.
  4. Cool, congrats!
  5. Great job! It's good to hear some successful eBay stories these days.
  6. Congratulations! eBay can definately be addicting, if you're making money that is! I was doing great for a while but still searching for that perfect item to sell to make $$$$ for new handbags!
  7. She somehow gets her hands on returned bags. I have found her descriptions right on the money. Maybe even worse than the bag's actual condition. She sells under several ids.
  8. congrats! i have a few coach bags from my collection that i want to sell off to buy my next bag; i hope i have success like you!
  9. congrats on the fast sales!
  10. thanks I appreciate this and also discovering a site to read negs without trudging thru pages!
  11. ooh are you talking about toolhaus.org? i recently discovered that site too; its so helpful! it puts things in a different perspective when you only read the neg feedbacks, rather than having them broken up between positive ones! im much less trusting of ebay sellers thanks to that site.
  12. Congratulations! I just started getting into selling, and my store has been up for a few months now. However, living in Canada, it can get a little frustrating finding designer bags to sell at a good profit on Ebay. Man oh man, what I wouldn't do to be living next to a Coach outlet!
  13. Congrats on the quick sales!!!

  14. No problem! :biggrin:

  15. :yes:

    toolhaus and goofbay are great. :biggrin: