I just spoke to the SA at my NM and she said their trunk show will

  1. be in late February. The Chanel rep will be there to show bags from the runway and that everyone says Spring is fabulous. I have no doubt that I will be purchasing my 3rd Chanel then! There is also a cocktail party the night before, but I will be 5 months pregnant--not so much fun for me, but the purses are enough! : )
  2. lucky you! congrats! never been to a trunk show, but is this just for looking or can you buy as well?
  3. I think you can place orders, but not buy on the spot. I need to ask this of our more experienced members, too, before I go!
  4. Lucky you.
  5. Leem -- yes the purpose is taking orders as well as showing off the line...they won't let us buy on the spot :yucky: .believe me, i tried to get them to sell me the Naked Bag the other day at the Saks Trunk Show in Boca Raton...but was told that the sample trunk show bags belong to the store and travel from trunk show to trunk show, wherever store the company (Saks, NM, etc.) is having the shows in .

    i think they should make a special exception for PFers and let us buy.right then and there....its sadistic of them to make us wait...they gotta know who they're dealing with :roflmfao:

  6. So true. I think we should write a letter to ask them to implement a policy for us! We could be their best advertising!
  7. At the trunk show, only orders were being taken for the new bags--no inventory, no matter how much anyone tried to buy the sample. The good thing for me is that I can psychologically save up for the bag (at least rationalize), knowing that it won't be here until March.
  8. I've gone to many designer trunk shows... for clothes. If we were good customers, they didn't ask us for any kind of deposit when we placed our orders. I remember some people would place an order and then decide against it when the item finally arrived. (I never did that. I was afraid the SAs/store managers would be annoyed.)

    What's the policy with bags? Are you committed to buy?
  9. in the US, whether us Saks, NM or the boutique, no deposit is required, sometime you can give them your CC number, but most of the time they don't even want you to give them your credit card number in advance due to security reason. And you can always turn it down if you got the call from them.
  10. Thanks, hikarupanda!
  11. any of you pfer's in the o.c., their NM Chanel trunk show will be jan. 25 and 26.
  12. will the earlier trunk shows get their bags earlier, too?
  13. I did ask the SA at the Boca Raton trunk show what happens if you decide you don't want the bag you ordered. Basically, there is not a problem, and there is no obligation.