I just splurged on Eluxury!!

  1. I just got done shopping online!

    I got all LV monogram items. I got the Small Ring Agenda, 3 sets of the agenda page refills, the Key and Change Holder, the Trousse Toilette, and the Pochette Accessories! I even put it for express delivery!:love: I'll post pictures when they come! I can't wait!
  2. Wow, you bought out the store! Can't wait to see your pics.
  3. do post pictures when you receive them :biggrin:
  4. Wow you were busy ...
  5. It took me about an hour and a half to actually decide on what i really wanted. Decisions decisions:smile:
  6. You go on wid ya bad self!!!!:lol:
  7. Oooh sounds like quite the haul !
  8. Congrats on some awesome pieces!
  9. Congrats!! Hope you enjoy!
  10. ooooh...sounds like fun!
  11. I can admire a person that splurges on those necessary items. I can barely bring myself to splurge on a designer wallet. You go girl!
  12. looking forward to seeing pics!
  13. hahah! how fun!!

    I can't wait till your unwrapping post, congrats!!
  14. Please post pics. Enjoy!!!
  15. Congrats and Enjoy!:biggrin: