I just special ordered a tricolor kelly!

  1. I guess the title explained it all. I have been deliberating on getting a tricolor kelly for a month. I talked to an SA in Hermes Atlanta, and she told me that they cannot order a tricolor in US (or something like that) and it's only produced to Asia or something (that's the reason that she gave me). BUT A week ago, I called my wonderful SA in Cuffs Cleveland and she told me that I can certainly place an order on a tricolor kelly and there's even a list/choice of colors that I can choose from.

    The colors are either:
    portiron/vermillion red/chocoate
    portiron/vermillion red/vert anis

    I have looked at the loire kobe website and I have fallen in love with this color combination.


    So the first choice is perfect for me! I just put the special order in for Tricolor (Portiron/Vermillion Red/Chocolate) Kelly 32 cm in togo and ruthenium (since I can only have the choice of togo as the leather and ruthenium as the hardware for tricolor kelly). An SA there will go to Paris in July to place the order in for me. I am so excited... My SA will confirm me which color goes where this week. I hope it's the same bag as the picture. If not, I still love portiron/vermillion red/chocolate combination... It's like having 3 different colors bags in one.

    I chose this kelly to special order since it'll have a small chance of ever getting to the floor.. (Esp. after I call Hermes Atl, and they absolutely say that it is not possible to order a tricolor kelly)...

    The sad part is I have to wait for up to a year. But it can come anytime between August (unrealistically) and a year from now... The bag is certainly mine!! I just have to wait for a LONG LONG year.. I just hope that it'll arrive sooner or even arrive in time for my birthday in February. That'll be the best birthday present ever for myself.

    Oh.. The agony of WAITING!!! :sad:
  2. I'm not fond of bi- or tri-colored bags but that one is just fantastic! Good luck!
  3. Wow! good luck with the wait!
  4. Yay, congrats for ordering your bag!!!!
  5. Ah, what a thrill it must be to SO an Hermes! Are you VIP, because I thought that I'd heard that only they get to SO something.
  6. Wow, that bag is "keren" :love:

    Are u going home to Indo soon? We should meet ya know (if you're here).
  7. Wow!!! Congrats on your special order! So happy for you! I hope it arrives quickly!!!
  8. How exciting! I'm so happy for you! I hope you get it as quickly as possible!
  9. Oooh! I bet you can't wait to get it in your hands! I hope it arrives soon.

    Tri-colors are not just for Asia. We also receive them once in a while here. I've actually never seen one but the SA said people order them.
  10. ^ True, my SA recently offered me a tri-color ostrich Kelly but I passed because I wasn't too fond of orange.
  11. ^^ Agree. I just saw a tri-color ostrich birkin and I passed as well bc I wasn't into the skin plus the combination for some reason.

    But good luck sweetie!! I'm sure you'll love it!!
  12. Congrats! I didn't know you could do a three-color combination. Looks pretty :heart:
  13. Wellow, how fun to place a special order! I hope it arrives quickly!
  14. Hi Ladies! I'm new to this forum although I recognize some of the members from TFS. Its great to have so many people to chat with about our addiction/passion/obsession!

    Wellow: Congratulations!! It feels so wonderful to place the order and know that your dream is in the making...

    The AGONY of Waiting is well stated. It is utter AGONY. My orders were placed in February and I feel like it was SO long ago. Every day I wish for a miracle from the Hermes gods and the SA to call me and say, "I have wonderful news! I have never seen an order arrive so quickly:smile:" Wishful thinking right?

    Anyway, I do not live near any boutiques so I live vicariously through the beautiful aquisitions of the PF and TFS board members:smile:
  15. Welcome, LuxChic! You'll have great fun on this board...

    Maybe it's a good thing you don't have any boutiques nearby....I live 15 minutes away from mine and yesterday my SA asked me if I have a life outside of Hermes! He has a warped sense of humor.....