I just shook HILLARY CLINTON'S hand!!! So excited.....

  1. Hi all,

    My sister got tickets for a fundrasier for one of our local candidate for Senate and guess who was the guest speaker???? That's right, Hillary Clinton!! She spoke and then went around to shake everyone's hand and I pushed my little self right up to the front and shook her hand!!! It was awesome.

    I am not very political, I just really respect her for the education she has had, the work that she's done, and for being the kind of woman that can come back from the humiliation that she suffered and get right back on the "horse of America" (so to speak). Every woman should aspire to be like that! Strong, smart, and guts!!!

    It was a very exciting night!!
  2. awwwww Lucky u ... i adore this woman ...

    i can imagine her the next U.s president, LOL and Bill Clinton will be the first gentleman? LOL
  3. Thats awesome! I definetly have alot of respect for her as well.
  4. Very cool!!!! What a fun night for you!
  5. It was so awesome ladies, she speaks with such force that the voice ALMOST doesn't match the body, KWIM?

    And the handshake? It was no "womanly" handshake, it was strong and firm!! ha ha.

    She is such an intelligent woman, and so down to earth believe it or not. Very, very, in touch with people's hardships!!
  6. That is great- a memory that you can treasure for a lifetime. Yes, she is a very intelligent women..
  7. I'm so jealous of you!!!!!! I'm excited for you, it must have been so wonderful and moving to hear her speak in person. I love her, she's an intelligent & strong woman, a natural leader.
  8. My daughter and I had the pleasure of seeing her at a play last year and I met her when I was in law school in 92 and Bill was campaigning. They are charisma personified.
  9. That's awesome! She's a powerhouse!
  10. Wow! lucky you ! I love her.

    Did you see what purse she was carrying ? :upsidedown:
  11. ^^ Ha Ha, I was looking, but she didn't bring one into the rally with her. It was more like a rally than a sit-down dinner. So, she just came in (of course, surrounded by the Secret Service) spoke for about 30 min. and then left!!
  12. awesome! That is something you will never forget.
  13. How neat for you! But being a dedicated (but anti-Bush ) Republican I'll refrain from making any further comments :lol:
  14. i have tremendous respect for her, your very lucky to meet her. :yes:
  15. how lucky of you! yeah i agree it will be an event you will never forget.