I just sent my black Cabby back...

  1. Ok everyone, ever since I saw the Cabby in the black denim I was in love! I finally ended up buy one from Elux last week and when I finally got it I loved it even more! Why, you ask, did I send it back then? Well, it was a difficult decision that took me all weekend to make and I finally decided that even though I absolutely loved it, I just couldn't justify spending that kind of dough on it...so now I'm looking for another LV! I really like the BH and the Speedy 30, and was wondering what you guys would pick out of the two. The only thing that has a minor, and I mean minor, problem for me with the Speedy is the handheld part..that's it. So what would ya'll pick if you had the option of the BH or the Speedy 30?
  2. speedy 30
  3. speedy! If you prefer a shoulder bag, wait for the tivoli instead! looks much better than the BH:tup:
  4. I would suggest the Batignolles because you seem to prefer a shoulder bag. GoodLVck!!!
  5. speedy! or the tivoli!
  6. I've heard about the Tivoli..does anyone have any pictures or know how much it will cost?
  7. Wait for the new stuff. Just a few more weeks. You can see it all on the Fall/Winter Summary thread in the reference section....
  8. not a Batignolles fan. I'd go for the Speedy. But like the others said, wait for the new stuff! see what you think of the tivoli!
  9. speedy 30!
  10. BH! :yes:
  11. Speedy 30 is a classic and if u're worry about the handles, what about damier speedy?!
  12. I'm not a fan of the Speedy - go for the BH or maybe the Popincourt haut !!
  13. Wow, I just looked at the Tivoli...:drool:it looks gorgeous! I may have to wait and get a better look at it when it comes out!!
  14. I have both the Speedy 30 and the BH and I love/use them both equally!!
  15. Speedy 30 Cause Ita A Classic