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  1. And she is sooo beautiful and soft:graucho:
    I went to my local Macy's to checkout the Amethyst Sabrina and on the checkout counter was a large leather bag, I picked it up and started touching it and admiring it..then the SA asked me to kindly put it down because it belonged to the Coach vendor lady..ooops!:shame:
    I wanted to talk to that lady and ask her more about the bag but she was busy talking to the Mgr. I asked the SA if he happened to know what bag it was, he said it is the LEATHER GARNET! and that they are getting it either the end of this month or first week of August.

    I so want that bag!
  2. Thanx for the info does anyone know if this bag is going to be in the new floor set for coach What color was it you saw? I would love to see the IVY!
  3. It was the purple color.
  4. I can't wait to see it! I would love to work as a coach vendor!!!
  5. i saw the signature garnet at one of my boutiques...i'd love to see the purple one though! however, i thought the garnets looked clunky and very big...i didn't really like the shape
  6. Sound good and I would like pic's...

  7. What shade of purple dark or light oh that sounds so yummy I want one!
  8. *** SA said it was purple..but it didn't look purple to me honestly. It was like a maroonish color? I wish I could've taken a pic of it..and yes it was a huge bag!
    but still pretty imo.
  9. Marroon ooh that sounds pretty! There are 2 sizes this must of been the larger one!
  10. We need spy pics...:ninja:
  11. I have to add, being the Coach "vendor lady" sounds like one heck of a job....where do I apply? :smile: