I just scratched hubby's car....I feel sick!

  1. OMG I am ill!!!!!! I feel sick sick sick!:crybaby:
    I was taking DH to work tonight and I pulled into a parking stall to drop him off. BIG MISTAKE.
    Our car is a low, sporty style and the barricade at the end of the stall was high and long.
    OMG the noise it made when I hit it. And DH was going CRAZY. I liken it to this scenario: Imagine I had a new Louis Vuitton and he spilled spaghetti and a bottle a red wine all over it an inside it. :cursing:
    Yeah, that's the kind of mad he was.
    Now the car is all scuffed up from the passenger end to the driver end underneath the license plate area.
    No one would know it was there unless you croutch down and look for it. But HE knows that it's there. UGH.
  2. Ohh, I'm sorry your DH was mad, but what you did was purely accidental. I've rubbed my car on those things plenty of times, heck, to be honest I hit curbs pretty regularly when I park (lol, my parking skills leave something to be desired)! I'm sure my car is scratched up too. One way or another, a car is going to get its little dings and scratches, some will be your fault, some won't. I'm sure hubby will calm down, I wouldn't feel too bad about it, it just happens to cars.
  3. Oh I'm so sorry! I've done that a few times, but luckily my car is high enough (VW Golf) that it only scratches the bottom of the bumper, the part that is not visible.

    I've scratched my husbands car before too, but he wasn't too mad (thank goodness!) since it was small and he had already scratched it himself. He's buying a new car soon, so I'll be extra nervous when that comes!
  4. *deep breaths~!*:heart:
    It's ok..we all make mistakes. At least noone was hurt and you and your DH are healthy.
  5. Hopefully he'll calm down, I'm sure he will. He is just having an instantaneous reaction that's all. And you poor thing, have a drink or do something to calm yourself down too. Then buy him a toy car when he's all done with being mad, and promise him you'll never scratch that!!!
  6. Can you get it fixed?
  7. Awww, that's awful! You didn't mean to do it on purpose, I'm sure he'll cool down in a little while.
  8. Check into how much it would cost to get the scratch buffed out...you didn't mean to do it and accidents happen, we're human.
  9. So sorry but it will be OK.

  10. Oh No !! I feel you I did the same to my BFs car twice. The second was pretty bad, I got into in accident and the whole front end was pushed in we had to remove the hood to be able to drive it .... is getting fix right now. He took it to Mexico cuz is less expensive. Only 600 to fix all dents, scratches, paintng the whole car again, when here in AZ they were trying to charge me 1600 just to fix the front fender and paint the new hood......
  11. Tell him he can drive his butt to work tomorrow.
    Everyone makes mistakes.
    He doesnt have to make you feel small, it was just an accident and no one got hurt.
  12. Oh, I forgot go to LV and get yourself something for the pain and suffering!
  13. Accidents happen.
  14. Some men are so anal about their cars.......it is not the end of the world. Life goes on. I hope he does not hold it against you.
  15. Any updates on this???

    I would have been pissed too, if someone scratched my car. But it just sounds like he was a little crazy about it, IMO. Has he gotten over it?? Update please.