I just scored the bag of my dreams!!!

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  1. I just scored the bag of my dreams!!! I've been dreaming of this bag for a whole year! It should arrive on Wed..wait for a REVEAL...:yahoo:
  2. ow no that is WAY too long :smile:
  3. can we guess in the mean time?
  4. give us a hint!
  5. It's a type of stam...
  6. That's all you're going to give us:shrugs: rats........
  7. I'm SOO bad at keeping secrets..this is going to be SOO hard!
  8. ^ LOL. :P
  9. do the handles "HISSSSSS"?
  10. No handles...
  11. :confused1: are you sure its a type of stam??:shrugs:
  12. No handles, just a chain....yes a stam:smile:
  13. oh, then its got to be either a Baby Stam or a Mina bag, right?
    what color?:graucho:
  14. i can't wait to see what it is!
  15. Baby stam!!!