i just scored me a bordeaux zip clutch!

  1. it pays to check the deals and steals section obsessively. i just used the Shopbop 'armcandy' code and got 20% off the bordeaux zc! :nuts: it's a friday and i get a new wallet?! now, if only the weather forecasters were wrong about it raining in nyc tomorrow, then i would be on my way to a fabulous weekend!

  2. I was just considering grabbing one of these as well. Congrats!!
  3. Woohoo! Congrats! I love this color.

    bluebeeonline had it for 20% off as well. I had to restrain myself from buying another one!!
  4. i didn't know they cared mj zip clutches. i thought they just had mbmj!
  5. You have to click on "designer boutique" for MJ Collection to come up.

    Awesome zip clutch, Tadpole!!!
  6. Gorgeous!! Congrats tadpole!! That Bordeaux color is just divine. :love:
  7. :heart: bordeaux :heart: im even wearing chanel "vamp" nailpolish which is bordeaux! congrats kim :smile:
  8. thanks, everyone! i'll post pictures when i receive it. i also wanted to post pics of my mix quilted tote. i have to remember to do that...
  9. Yay! I got one too. Thanks to Melly for posting the coupon code. I've been hunting for one on eBay and always lost or the price became too high. This is really good price for a brand new one. I just wish they have a Venetia for sale too. That's my dream bag.
  10. Congrats!! Post pics when you get it! :tup:
  11. :crybaby: Shopbop sold out of the bordeaux Zip Clutch!
  12. ^ boo! hopefully they'll restock it before the 20% sale ends!
  13. ^
    ^ aw really? i was just looking at it a few hours ago and i thought to myself i'd sleep on it and decide tomorrow. So no more?? lol i guess its decided for me then.

    moral of the story.. dont think, just buy! lol
  14. Was avail @ Shopbop last night & still is this morning....
  15. ^ Odd, it wasn't there yesterday afternoon. :shrugs: That's ok though, I ordered one from Bluebee instead.