I just saw two pink flap bags!! are they from a fall collection?

  1. One was about 10 inches wide and had a double flap, the other was a small bag with a single flap .. they were both smooth baby pink leather, not the grainy leather which I am guessing is the caviar leather? I know that there have been baby pink flap bags before, but our shop in Denmark rarely gets anything but I was wondering if they are part of some fall collection or a permanent bag? Converted to US dollars the bag that was 10 inches wide ( I am guessing it is medium? 'cause I have another flap bag which is a lot bigger) it costs 2200$ .. anyone have a recent price of this bag from a US shop?
  2. I recently saw a pale pink medium classic flap in lambskin at Neimans, Tyson Corner, Virginia. I think the price is $2150 but an increase of about $400 is about to befall us.
  3. eek it is a good thing I am picking it up tomorrow then!!!

    I need to buy some stocks in Vuitton and Chanel!! :graucho::graucho: