I just saw the NYC 57th and 5th flagship store in the most unlikely movie!

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  1. BORAT!!! LOL. I am watching right now (i got it on sale for 3$! on black friday).

    He was chasing some huy in midtown manhattan and the camera pans and you see LV! Watch it in slo mo! This movie is comical genius.
  2. Never seen the movie but borat and Lv... strange combination!!
  3. HA ive seen this movie and for me once was enough but hearing that you see LV in it makes me want to watch it again! LOL
  4. I've seen that silly and strange movie, I didn't catch that part though, but I'll just take your word for it ... seing that movie once is more than enough for me ... LOL!
  5. HAHAHA.... I never noticed that before... niiiiiiceee!!!
  6. hmm, never caught it the first time. perhaps too disgusted by his antics to take notice of anything else.