I just saw the new lookbook...omg im in love!!!

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  1. SOOOO i just saw the new lookbook and wow! They sure do have some cute bags coming out!!! I fell in love with what the SA called gucci's version of a speedy haha! It is a hand held bag, kind of like the boston bag but GET THIS...they are putting this sheen to it! So the canvas would look shiny!!

    Anyone else have info about this?? It was called diamond something...and it looked so pretty!!

    Also to those of u that want an indy wait...i just waitlisted for the CUTEST INDY ive seen!!! It is a monogram GG...BUT GET THIS...it has the crest on it!! like a HUGE CREST embroidered on!!


    Gucci is bringing crest back (kind of like justin brought sexy back ;) )

    have you guys seen the book also?? what did u like?
  2. Hi, I saw a few new bags, one looked like my britt tote but in patent leather after touching it and seeing it up close it was like a trash bag , lol a soft one though. BTW you are to funny, you make me laugh. lol:yes:
  3. oooh!! did you see any monogram hobos?? :smile:
  4. The store in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles has a lot of the new Fall line already in. There is one bag I am dying for. I am just trying to figure out where I am going to get the $1300 plus tax for it.

    Does anyone know when all the stores will have the Fall collection? Also when will it be available on-line?
  5. ooh..I want to see pics!WAHHHH!!!!
  6. me too! I have to say that I'm not really loving any of the recent releases.
  7. whatttt!?? i want this diamond something one...SHINY canvas?!?! MEMEMEME! i want that~!
  8. beljwl youre VERY lucky because i would kill to have that bag right now haha!! i spent a lot of money on other "crap" and if i didnt i could have ust bought the new purse!!!

    but yes Bee-licious it is soooooooooooo hot (at least in the pics) hehe and i LOVE the crest that they are bringing back! so CHIC!

    Haha this was my first time stepping into the Dallas texas store and they were SO sweet...they showed me each sale item (i didnt buy anyting) and then they offered me both lookbooks, shoes and purses


    haha i asked the guy, what would u do if i just ran out here with this book...he just laughed and said "then id think u were just a crazy purse lover~" haha he was awesome! i love gucci sa's they are soooo sweet!

    i wish i can remember all the purses BUT have no fear girls there ARE some hot bags coming out!!!! like OMG hot bags! i hated the stuff on the runway but this tuff wman i was drooling
  9. sorry that wsa so long~! haha im in class and if that didnt make sense..my bad!! im pretending to type notes hehe

    and oh yeah one more thing

    THEY HAVE CUTE METAL BOWS!!!! as accents on the bags...soooooooooooooo HOT!
  10. there were a few things i liked but nothing really stood out to me.. im a little dissapointed with this one
  11. im just excited gucci is doing new and FUN things! they have done a few things in the past but they are headstrong this time! :smile:
  12. OO:huh:o. can't wait to see what it looks like.
  13. Luvednotspoiled- If you really want the bag now you can always try calling the Beverly Center store and ask them if they have the bag you are looking for and see if they can send it to you.
  14. yeah but im the type of person that NEEDs to try it on!!! (and that needs her mom there with her hahaha)

    but thanks for the option!! very sweet of u! The dallas store should have them in this next week or so and my mom is visiting me the end of next month so i think ill just hold off!!

  15. Dying to see pictures...:rolleyes: