I just saw "The Lake House"

  1. Since "Speed" is my favorite movie (I know, a little odd and embarassing), I was super excited to see "The Lake House". I just got back and I have to say that it was really great. You have to "suspend disbelief" in order to enjoy it. Both Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock gave stellar performances. I know that the reviews aren't fabulous, but I found it enjoyable nonetheless. Just wanted to share....
  2. Thanks for the review. I am dying to see this movie and I rarely go to movies but I love Keanu and Sandra also!!
  3. I want to see it now.
  4. i was having a hard time suspending disbelief during the previews i saw, but i really WANT to like it. i'm glad you did!
  5. good to know.
  6. That's one I know I really want to see this weekend. The trailers look sooooo good! I don't really listen to the reviews because the bottom line is that they are just another person's opinion.

    We saw The Fast and the Furious 3 tonight. VERY LOUD but pretty good!
  7. I want to see that movie too! It looks like a great romantic movie
  8. I love and respect both actors, so i'm sure i will give it a whirl. Thanks for your feedback.
  9. It looks like a great romance movie, one of my favorites. I don't really understand the concept of it and how they are living two years apart but I really want to see it.
  10. Sounds like a Somewhere In Time wannabe.
  11. Glad you liked it. I hope to catch it eventually.
  12. I love that movie. I also have the CD - beautiful music as well.
  13. I saw it today as well =] the time thing is so confusing...me and my friends had like an hour long discussion.
  14. I ladore Keanu - and my fave movie is also Speed :biggrin:

    I'm dragging DH to see this on Sunday - it's a remake of a Korean film, "Il Mare" which I loved.

    Can't wait!
  15. just got back from the movie house.. i would agree that the time thing is confusing.. it was sweet and romantic.... i think they could have done more to the movie to tie it all up but it was a good movie nonetheless