I just saw the Kangaroo Men's Bags & LVOE Charm

  1. The bag especially the bigger piece was freakin awesome. It comes in 2 colors, camel and black and can fold and transform from a large tote bag to a small pouch bag!! :yes: The black looks great with the gold hardware but was told by the SA that the camel color was better selling. In fact they were quite surprised how well this bag is sellling. You really have to see how this bag transforms. It's trully amazing, 2 styles in 1 bag. Approx. $2,400.

    DD, I am sure you will love the bag.

    I also saw the LVOE charm which is similar size as the exisiting bracelet charms but in the current LVOE design. The words "LV" are in yellow gold while the "OE" are in white gold. These are limited to 300 worldwide. Approx. $2300.
  2. Sounds great!
    Did you take any pictures there?

  3. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Darn. Forgot to grab a pic. But they are the same as the Kangaroo bags you see in the look book and SS07 show. The cool thing is that you never knew that large tote bag could TRANSFORM!!
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  6. This is the bag I am talking abt. The pic shows the camel color.
    1.jpg 6.jpg
  7. wow that sounds so cool
  8. I didn't know that Kangaroo leather sacoche could transform into a smaller bag. When i was on the phone ordering the MM size the SA described it as 8x6x15 and from the runway show it looked bigger. She later realized it was folded in half and was actually 13x15x7. Anyway its the most expensive thing I've owned next to my Speedy Tambour divers watch. I hope I like it. I just ordered it because they don't sell MTRW here and I want to see it. If it doesn't suit me as a daily bag I can always return it. I have a feeling its a keeper! I was told by the SA the larger GM is 20x20x8 and that it wasn't a good daily use bag. I got the Marron color and not the caramel.
  9. gerav, please post pix when u get it!
  10. I tried this bag on today too and it is to-die-for ...I love how it folds down into a smaller bag ....both colours looked great and the interior is stunning ... I might have to get this after the east west pm arrives;)
  11. Im thinking that this bag is "Convertible" like the mono mini francoise bag.. (pics attached - i bought this from 995street)

    Am i right?? It would look great in leather. I think i need to see it IRL then
    1.jpg 6.jpg
  12. The bag converts to the small bag quite similar to the Bequia bags (PM), i.e. 2 zipper compartment bags. The transformation is totally different and stunning, completely 2 different styles.:yes:
  13. It is amazing IRL .....it folds down to size to approx the danube??? It would be a great travel tote .. I loved both colours:love:
  14. I agree and the Bequia bags are Fab too:heart: Mercx which Kanga colour did you like best??? It would be a tough choice....
  15. I loved the black as they went well with the gold hardware. When the SA was folding the bag, I thought what the hell was he doing to the poor bag, but then as he went along, I thought "wow".