I just saw the Fall LINE up of bags....

  1. i must say... TDF!!!!!!!!!!!! the studded clutch is AMAZING!!! WELCOME BACK GUCCI!!!

    Its so 70's retro with the crocodile jacket with fur collars...FUR EVERYWHERE!!!..... My heart is set on the CLUTCH!!! ahhh its so nice...go to your nearest gucci store and ask them to look at it..!!!

    I promise you will go home wimpering like me !!!!!
  2. I'm very intrigued :graucho:
  3. Where, where??
  4. I saw the catalog last week. The BLONDIE collection. I can't wait until it starts arriving in stores. A few of the fabrics are already in the stores. Larger purses at GOOD prices.
  5. the smaller pieces are nuts....the clutch is going for 2600cdn.....Thats nuts....but my heart is set!!
  6. I am interested in those large purses. Nordstrom just opened a Gucci department near me so I will ask about the Blondie collection. Thanks for the heads up MissV!
  7. Yeah! I've been kind of disappointed in Gucci lately:sad: The Blondie collection has my mouth watering already. I'd give my right eye to get a glimpse of it:graucho:
  8. Ooh me too! I cannot wait to see the new Blondie collection
  9. Blondie are being re produced ? :yahoo:
  10. yes are they?? Does anyone have the serial # of the bag?
  11. no serial nos. yet shoog. but if you can get a hold of their new catalog, i hear the new blondie collection is in it!
  12. sadly, Gucci SA's are horrible here!!! they tend to be snobby and think they know everything while you don't...Ive tried explaining it to some of them look at me and its as if ive described an alien....thats why when i want something i just get the serial # and see if its available :sad:
  13. Its not really the blondie collection....but they are bringing the emblem back...its quite expensive for gucci.... its not what I am use to for gucci...but you will see what I mean~