I just saw the coolest thing....

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  1. we were in Chiacgo walking towards a real estate agent who was very sharply dressed. She was carrying the MC poche toilette 26 as a clutch. It looked sooooo chic. I decided then and there that I wanted one, too.

    Does anyone else here use this bag as a clutch?
  2. MC Pochette accessories? There is no MC pochette toilette.

  3. I wrote poche toilette not pochette . That is the description they are using on eluxury. It's under the cosmetic/vanity cases - MC. Price $275
  4. I think she meant Monogram Canvas maybe? Yes, I have one in the same size and I use it for a clutch sometimes. It's a great size because most of my bags are larger and its great for traveling too.
  5. I love it carried that way. I just purchased it from eluxury.
  6. Oops, sorry. When I see MC, I think multicolor.
  7. lol yes I was looking for it too and thought WOW that cheap for Multicolore! of course monogram :smile:
  8. Can Someone Post A Link? Thanks
  9. cute! great idea, pretty big too 10"x 9"x 2" (just short of holding 8 1/2 x 11 paper)
  10. Yeah, when I see MC I think multicolore too, not monogram canvas.
  11. Me too! I was thinking to myself "What in the hell is she talking about??"
  12. Lol same here with the MC thing.
    Anyway, yeah that's cute. There's been a lot of that lately, maybe she's a TPFer and saw the post about Princess Diana carrying it that way. ;)
  13. I actually see a few girls at work doing the same since we can only have our belongings in a small tote while on the floor - it's very chic !
  14. My friend does that with her burberry cosmetic case... I've always thought that'd be a cute thingrather than buying an actual clutch it can always double which is really nice, especially at that price!