I just saw Marigold Brief in GH!!!!

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  1. I just saw it!!
    Its soo beautiful... I never wanted it in the first place but now I do. Its just like how Incoral described it. Its definitely not as bright as the earlier pictures. Its like a darkish yellow - with very very slight brown undertones. :wlae:

    I saw it on a girl at this event earlier today. Its a brief with the gold hardware. I thought it was fake at first but apparently it isnt. I got introduced to her and apparently she works for Balenciaga in the marketing department!!! She was soo sweet - she even gave it to me so i can play/model with it a bit. loool... :graucho:

    And I always thought that the marigold would look better with SGH - but i personally think it looks far better with the Gold. :heart::yahoo: Very Classy!!!!!

    I know I know I should've asked her more questions about colors, leathers, what should we expect for the next season, etc, etc. etc... i'm sorry ok.. i was just starstruck when i saw the bag :wtf:

    but i swear to you its soo pretty! not bright at all and u can wear it with any outfit.

    Its definitely on my list now! :jammin:

    I'm trying to search the web to find a similar color.. will post something soon (if i find anything, fingers crossed)
  2. You should have snuck a camera phone picture of it! I am on the list SGH city, hmmm....
  3. Thanks for sharing mimi! Marigold sounds delicious! I'm so happy to hear marigold looks great with gold GH as a city with gold hardware is on my wishlist!
  4. sounds like marigold is going to be the most popular/wanted color for this fall.
  5. Yippee, what a lucky encounter!

    It sounds so gorgeous! I am on the list for a marigold work, but now I'm wondering if a GH brief would be even better. How do you think the marigold will look with regular hardware?
  6. i'm glad i got on the list for one! that's too cool shoulda taken a pic!
  7. Wow! You lucky girl! I can't wait to see Jaune/Marigold IRL :nuts:
  8. i know i should've taken a pic! sorry i didnt have my thinking hat on... i was just mesmerized!
  9. Thanks For Sharing!!!
  10. Great to hear this!!!
  11. I applaud you for your stoicism ... I think I would have ripped the bag off her shoulder and RUN LIKE HECK!!!!! :roflmfao:
  12. OMG!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. That's awesome! I can't wait to see this color irl. I hope it looks great with RH. I can't imagine it not with the yellow and brown undertones.
  14. Crap, so it DOES like great with GH. I was hoping not so I could be happy with my decision to get RH. The madness will never end. :nuts:
  15. I REALLY WANT ONE!!! Why did the danish retailer not order any??????? :crybaby: