I just saw a woman with a Butterscotch Stella...

  1. The one with the buckles...and it was TDF!!!!!!
    I couldn't believe how beautiful it was.
    AND she said she got it in Hawaii Off Saks for...300!!!!
    (yes I talk to strangers about their bags)


    I am now adding this bag to my long long listy.
  2. $300?! What a deal!
  3. Eeps! Now there's a reason to go to Hawaii!
  4. It must have been yummy...
  5. No kidding! She told me she visited the store a few times while she was there and it kept getting marked down, she couldn't figure out why, but snapped it when it hit 300!!!

    It was so wonderful!! I couldn't believe how great it was. Thick leather and the color was better than photo's seem to translate.
  6. too many pina coladas...:roflmfao:

    I bet it was awesome. Just the name excites me.
  7. Congrats!!! It's sooo beautiful. :yahoo:
  8. Congrats!! Post pictures of you with it when it arrives!!
  9. congrats... i was gonna bid on it too.... dont forget to post pic.
  10. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  11. Whaa, thats not fair!!! We dont even have a "real" Saks here, just an outlet, which barely ever has anything good. At least not when I go.. Now I definately have a reason to go check in more often.
  12. Tays, congrats on winning!

    And I had to add that I saw a Butterscotch Stella this weekend too! I was at Home Depot of all places! I couldn't help run it....I ran over to her and asked her all about it. (eep, that kinda sounds stalker-ish) But, she was so friendly and she let me caress the leather! Yum!