I just saw a real Louis in my small town.

  1. Last weekend, I was in a hospital in South Bend, Indiana, and I saw two fake mono bags. Tonight, I went to a meeting in my small town, and sat next to a lady that had a real Louis AND she recognized my mono perfor orange cles. She knew it was from Louis Vuitton and asked me about it. :yahoo:
  2. Isn't it great when people take notice in your LV's? :nuts:
  3. LOL, how small is your town?
  4. wow you must have a small town! i see LV's every where!
  5. Isn't that great? I live in a small town, too. The only LV I saw here recently belonged to an older lady I saw in a store. After I had a glimpse at her bag that she placed on the counter, she probably thought I was going to rob her. She gave me a mean head to toe look and grabbed her bag.
  6. I don't see many authentic LV's here. I see tons of fakes. Isn't it fun when you do see an authentic one?
  7. how nice. and you don't KNOW eachother?
  8. Congrats! :biggrin: I live in Montreal...pretty big city in Canada lol but I HARDLY ever see real LVs. Probably on average 1 LV per week............
  9. I used to live in a small town of West Texas and I don't think I ever saw LV bags there once.
  10. That's so cool to see other LV!
    I was at Home Depot on Monday and saw a lady with an Ellipse! I had my speedy and we gave each other slight nods as we passed.
    I felt very "posh" as I followed my husband with his gallon jug of floor wax and mop. :p
  11. I wish I was the only one carrying around an LV. lol I'd feel more special. I live on Long Island and work in a pretty ritzy area where everyone is carrying a Louis. Even when I go into Manhattan you can't escape them! Ahhh! No, I'm j/k. I actually love seeing people carrying a variety of LVs and how they were them. :smile:
  12. lol LV is a nice conversation-starter :p

    There are TONS of LV in my area..I see them almost every time I go out. Not sure how many of them are actually real though hahah
  13. I am more likely to see fakes than the real deal in my small town, but when I go to the upscale malls in Richmond I see A LOT of LV and Chanel. The other night my DH and I went out for dinner. We had to wait for a table so we were just chillin on the outside patio, and I saw a lady with a large LV tote-type bag which I just assume was real because of her age--isn't that weird? She saw me, too---or rather, she saw the black caviar jumbo flap I was rockin'! I could see her edging around her companions trying to get a closer look while she hoisted her bag higher on her shoulder, so I obliged by setting my bag on the table so she could drink it in. Hey, it's nice to share!
  14. I've been seeing more LV lately(only mono and damier so far). It's like this hidden club of mutual acknowledgement with just a look and smile.
  15. Everyone in my town has an LV, okay, well not everyone, but 50%. Most are real (or very good fakes).