I just returned this bag, its back on ebay

  1. I just wanted to warn everyone about this listing:


    I just returned this bag last week, the seller did not disclose ( and still doesn't) that there are pen marks all over the bag. The corners are super worn, some stitching is coming apart, and there are some water marks.

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up or to bid accordingly if you are planning to bid.

    The seller did give me a refund with no hassle, so at least that was a good thing.

  2. WOA brutal !

    Thanks for the warning, its incredible that they thought they could get away with that !!? sheeeesh
  3. Wow, you can't even tell in the listing.... There doesn't appear to be any marks at all!
  4. Wow, thanks for the heads up!
  5. Thanks for the heads up! I hate dishonest sellers!! :mad:
  6. thanks for the heads up!
  7. Oooh I hate when things aren't disclosed!!! Thank you for the warning!
  8. Yikes, that's terrible. SHe was really sneaky about the pics she posted. I'm glad you got a refund w/o further hassle. I hope you find one in better condition eventually!
  9. You would think she would have learned after her initial mistake. Why would she want the hassle of someone else returning the bag? Thanks for telling us
  10. When he first listed it, the time when I bid, where it says condition he put:New w/out tags. I think thats why it was so easy to get my money back. Now he put used, so I guess he thinks he will get away with it, pretty sleazy if you ask me!
  11. that's terrible
  12. thanks for the heads up this is the model i was looking for....
  13. Thanks for posting this!!!:tup:
  14. That's what I'm wondering. You'd think instead of paying for more listings, she'd try to be up front about it this time around. :shrugs: