I just returned my Black Ali for Whiskey

  1. and I'm not sure about it. I could not get the Whiskey out of my head for days and then I actually got it and I'm thinking of returning it for a different color....maybe white or signature and white? THe strap is really wide too which was not as noticeable with the Black Ali. Don't get me wrong, the whiskey is gorgeous....maybe i want a different Legacy:s ? I just want to settle on one! If I had more money then I would keep the Whiskey Ali and also buy the Legacy Shoulder in White. Maybe keep the Whiskey and save for the White Legacy Shoulder? EEEEKKS! Help :confused1: !
  2. ekk.. decisions decisions!

    i loved the whiskey too but in my heart i knew that the white would work better with my wardrobe, and honestly white is just one of my favorite colors.

    i was really aimming towards the whiskey because customers cannot stop gushing about that color, and everyone was excited because that color you don't see often, versus the white you do.

    but i got the white ali and i loved it, even after my jeans smeared some of it's ink on it!

    i say, get what you love. just think, which one can you see yourself carrying the most often?

    that is the one you should get :smile:
  3. I love White bags too! Maybe I should get the White Ali. It would be my primary bag though and that's why I was leaning towards the darker colors as I have my 3 year old that I'm with all the time. Maybe I only wanted the Whiskey because everyone else liked it:wondering . I don't know what to do and I know my husband will get mad about driving me back downtown. Thanks for replying!
  4. np! lol

    and if your husband doesn't want to drive you downtown you can always suggest keeping the whiskey and ordering the white one as well from coach.com ;) or calling the store downtown (reciept) and having them ship it to you.

    hehe. that way you get both, one for everyday usage and one for once in awhile.
  5. I WISH!!! That would be ideal:sneaky: . My husband can't understand why I keep selling/returning my bags and it's because he only lets me have one! Who can have just one bag? I'm going to go try on my Whiskey Ali again and see if I changed my mind :smile:
  6. Now I'm thinking that it's the Ali I'm not feelin'. I may get the Legacy Shoulder in White with a Pond Wristlet or Legacy Shoulder in Pond with the Khaki Signature Wristlet....OR, maybe the Ali in White. Okay, obviously I'm still undecided:wacko: !